I’m trying to make my owlf class but the primary, secondary, melee, and gear slots alll keep resetting to the default weaponry that was there previously. On one occasion it also took off my specialization I had equipped. The perks and the outfit camo are the only things that don’t reset.

In public matches I’m able to play as the class but once the match is over it resets, I’ve went and clicked the private match option and then leaving right after.

I think the problem is it resets once you hit the loading screen. Maybe that has something to do with the glitching out custom options I equipped for my owlf or maybe returning to the main menu screen resets it every single time.

Save your data to the cloud.
Try that for now.
When it resets just download that.

Been having the same issue but with scout class. @IllFonic needs fix these bugs

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Have you tried washing your ps4 in salad dressing?

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Don’t listen to this idiot ^^^^^ . Its vinegar you need to use 🙄

Lol vinegar it is!

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The ouffit still bug

Use another Loadout slot.

I’ve tried that. No matter what loadout slot I use, it continues to reset.