Patch 2.19 Poll

Alright, how are we feeling now with the game after a weekend with patch 2.19?

  • Buff Pred (FT OP)
  • Buff FT (Pred OP)
  • Thanos Approved (Balanced Gameplay)

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too early to tell for me, im getting too many pub rando teams so they dont even count… i still voted for balanced untill otherwise known


Fair enough. Opposite for me, I’ve gone from never seen premades to catching a few.

Kinda feels the same. At least now ppl are trying out different playstyles which is good.


Pubs are a lot more balanced now and pre-mades are finding it a challenge now but not enough where it swings in the Preds favour.

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No idea. I just play private matches with updated rules.

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Balance is better but FT still holds all the cards

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Clash reporting in.
We’re thanos approved.

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I think the ability to one or two shot more FT builds has given a huge advantage to the predator, but I could be wrong.

It’s fairly balanced but the game still needs a lot of quality of life stuff. Keep in mind I’m saying balanced as far as this game goes. It’s in a better spot than bedore

I think that they should leave the current stats for smart disc but

  • Lower the disc count to 2 from 3
  • Make using each smart disc take away half of your current energy each time you deploy it

What this will do is… it will force the predator to risk 50 50 chances to deploy second disc… incase their first disc only hit one target and got stuck… and if they risk it… they wont have any energy left… to be cloaked…

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If you’re referring to ghost pops with the hammer and axe, I still kinda feel you deserve the down if you take that hit.

That’s just me though

That’s all I’m asking about. I’d like to see more on pred leap movement, mission objective timing, bugs, all kinds of other things. I’m just talking flat out balance between FT and Preds. Game mechanics and bugs are a different topic right now for me.

I disagree but I still stuck with the disc. Can give your FT guy a great flat top though

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Yeah lmao… i think you need to have crazy mouse pad + sensitivity to actually be good with smart disc… and actually main it for hours to be good

Nah. I’m talking about fervent + Downrange, stalker + Downrange and the plasma caster or combistick throws + follow up wrist blade attacks. It’s easy to get knockdowns.


Ewwww no. Just let them get shot down by Shotguns, like 2 or 3 shots.

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Yeah I mean quality of life to help with the balance. Like scout and lower HP predators making less noise when moving around, things of that nature that will help balance the game more. Right now the predator does a lot of damage(with range) and the FT still melts so no issues there. Predator melee needs a complete overhall

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Bruh dont u see im trying to save the only one shot thing people have against fireteam XD

i should have done this for plasma caster when i had the chance but now im doing it for smart disc as it one shot anything in its way in movies and comics…

And the best way to do is to really deplete your energy and make you vulnurble

This is the very own reason why plasma got nerfed from one shot .

They should have made it so… it used all of your energy and made you vulnerable…

so you then were given a choice to run away… or go in and net gun others… or bow them down