Patch Notes 2.09 (Hotfix)

No true warrior is complete without his Box
FT always fall for the Box


…Metal Gear?!


Bow bug can be easy if they give the bow a different fire style like the ft weapons, so the current bug makes you quick shoot. Increase the speed a little of the shots decrease damage, second fire style is charged shot. Increase damage and range and give a slight voom. Easy

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No fisher price

That random wrist lade attack usually is due to the keys being bound twice. Check where the Melee hotkey is going and then check where the Fire hotkey is going. Usually Fire is leftclick, and if Melee is bound to Left click as well you’ll get the indefiniitely slice after doing any kind of Firing.

The nonfunctioning bow charge is an issue in Clash mainly.

Thank you for the patch update!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
First match with the new patch, a new bug:
Predator started in the same spot where the FT was deployed.
Ah ah ah ah.
Illfonic, just change your name to BUGfonic. At least we’ll know what to expect (As if we didn’t know already…)


Predator ambush skill level MAX


What what what? Holy shit cant wait for that

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Why only Ps4 performance optimization??? Pcs have this issue also

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Simply get an nvidia card 😜

Guess you’ll just have to settle for 119 fps huh?



According to a lot of pc user say pc is fine.
Maybe gather with other pc players and discuss your specs.

@MassImpact124 help your brethren.

I have one

All hail the box.

Video proof or it didn’t happen

James Cameron has been most frustrated by the box.

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Yes. Finally.

The “auto” start match after a match bug that can’t be cancelled is still there.
Jesus man!! Where are Illfonic getting these developers??

Thanks guys, keep on keeping on!

You’re going to have to be way more detailed than that. People don’t realize that there are some spawns close enough together, that a scout, or other Predators with adrenal boost, can leap quickly to the same spot where the fire team spawns and meet them there.