Patch Notes 2.14

Hey dudes and dudettes, quick advice, with all the patching and fixing going on remember to reinstall the game along with clearing your cache and install directly the latest patch(that has compiled all the fixes and data).

The heck every application and program needs that from time to time.

You would be amazed how many things get fixed doing so. Especially if you haven’t done it from launch.

Lol I think it’s a fair compromise.
But honestly I think with bad team mates
Everything pred does can be annoying lmao xD.

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Is this on pc?
Cause on ps4 its automatic lol.

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Lmfao it’s perfect.

Try for both. Both have cache memory and temporary files. Just make sure to backup your settings for your profile if any.

Oh I didn’t read your last part that well before.
Ya this is the usual fix for this games problems lol.

Tho it doesnt always help prevent issues.
@Weevo540 can confirm this I think lol.

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Are you Morales84 on playstation?

It does not…

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Yup. Something like that.

Excellent. James Cameron helped you kill a predator yesterday.


Thank you, Sir James.

Fix the main game issues instead of making more DLC to profit from. No point in DLC if the whole game in unplayable.

@OldKingHamlet, @Courier, @IllFonic, and @moderators

Everyone on PlayStation 4 and 5, myself included are reporting crashes game wide. In match, pre lobby, in lobby, literally everywhere. The community is highly discouraged at the lack of communication, could you all say something, even if it is just this is a Sony/PlayStation issue. If it is a Sony issue, I am sorry for all the hate you all are receiving on here for it.

Thanks in advance,

Could be cause by the DDos attack against Sony about 12 hours ago.

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a d2 attack, which only affects one game … mmmmm very suspicious … it seems that the reason will be another

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This crashes been happening since yesterday all day.

They’re not listening to all of us.