Patch Notes 2.28

Exiled??? Lije 2018 dude??

was these changes intentional
for valkyrie @OldKingHamlet @Kassinaillia

as they are not listed but have been confirmed

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By far the best patch notes here!

Ew that thing looks awful

Scouts on the menu tonight 😈😈😈

Private me bro

Illfonic, “🤷‍♂️“

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Thanks for buffin the Valkyrie back to what it was when it was released.
Finally i got back what i paid for.

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She had 10 gear points, shes not what she was…

Yes she is. RN she is exactly how she was when she was released.
Then they nerfed her health and perk points.

I just bought Valk today. I fucking love this class

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Yeah… In your hands it’s definitely gonna be OP.

Funny you say that. Just got killed because I got stuck between a stair case and wood.

Also the FT aim buff is totally fucking broken.

She had 10 gear I used meds and bear traps they nerfed her gear too

She had 10 before thisnlast patch. But when she was released, she had more…

well, i had some data saved on my pendrive so i don’t know if it restarted my loadouts because i had put the data in this update after i gave an error that occurs when my apps update (this error has nothing to do with the game because it occurs with all apps, don’t worry devs)

Why add a Predator that’s nearly exactly like Scout? We need different weapons and gameplay. Not more Predators at extra cost to get them. And night maps are bad. Night vision makes it harder to see things than easier. Predator is already overpowered. We need a DLC Fireteam thing that can make the Fireteam win. If you pay extra, it should benefit you winning.

Lol I see what you did there

We can’t see player’s avatar now in match lobbies but I can see my avatar in upper right hand of screen where my rank shows. Please fix this. One of these new patches made this problem.

would agree i feel the game needs a new feel too it, doesnt fit for what the predator is ment to be. he feels more like a gimmick and the fireteam members are the real game.

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Free weekend on steam when?