I want elephant mask. I want a big wobbly trunk, and when you select “Roar” from the emote wheel it goes “BVVVVVVRRRRRRTTTTTT” like an actual elephant.

Oh you will for sure get one from the update , I’m just not sure you will like where though

Pleeeeease not another Pred. Anything but that lol

Maybe I will.


Listen, if they suddenly allow for further Dutch/Issabelle/…football guy customizations (clothes and such) i’m good for it.
Shirtless Dutch, shirtless …everyone else. Im ok.

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Haha at this point I would say it’s wise to not expect anything great. Hope for the best. We’ve all been let down do many times already. So its best to Just accept anything new at this point and be grateful for it. After a year I’m surprised they’re still adding stuff like haha at all.

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To behonest, the game is finished. Just that those people with Gay Station are feeling that their console’s firmware updates (not PHG updates) are purposefully fucking up every game including this one.

What are the chances that we’ll get Royce DLC and tapes? If so, i wonder what his suit will be like.

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He hunted people and got his own set of pred armor. And enjoyed the hunt.

Would be have Royce on Pred side while Isabelle is on the human side!

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Would be interesting if hed have a hitscan weapon. Not automatic of course, cause that would be too much of a giveaway in terms of the hunt.

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source? i dont see it one twitter
also aren’t they usually on tuedays

@topgunsean says it’s on FB

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Guys, dont you think the 15th is a bit to early for an update ? They had never released a big update right in the middle of the month as far as I know… So I think that, if they don’t update the game at the very end of the month, as usual, it means that it won’t be a common update. My money is on a christmas event, to let people time to enjoy it during holidays.

Hey @IllFonic I would love to know the time you stream, i would be very sad if me working got in the way of showing you the new meta.

Let’s just say, I have a few questions to AXE you.

I’m gonna D-Dos the devs


Also they probably don’t want to be bombarded by us fans about a patch not working.

Probably releasing it early enough to fix expected bugs etc.

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Yeah you’re right I think that means they will add a brand new mecanic to the game, and they release it 15 days before to be sure it will be ready for christmas. My money is on snow variants of the maps, with the leaked snow objects we’ve seen a long while before.

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lmao best of luck with that. time to play FFXIV from devs that actually cared enough to turn their game around.
granted that whole division was about to be liquidated by Square Enix but maybe thats what illfonic needs to make them care about their job. Bankruptcy.

you’re right though, of all the comeback stories this definitely isn’t it. PHG will be listed next to Evolve somewhere. anything they do add just breaks the game because QA is nonexistent.