@Courier pls this bug is actually game breaking, if you can , fix it in the next patch of 30th .


Dude this game needs help… the amount of bugs makes it not fun… im almost Not looking forward to any dlc, bc surprise, we get even more bugs…


This bug is really understimated but it is very frustrating…

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happens with the plasma pistol too, firing cock-eyed off to the left of where u aim usually, also noticed with the sniper rifles, especially the bolt action, if u fire it and stay in ADS the scope moves to the right, like wtf

Same bug happens to spear throw at times. Having someone dead-center and missing them entirely. It’s very rare, but it happens.


I was actually planning on buying the upcoming DLC, but I have cancelled that idea due to how poorly the game has been performing lately.

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DLC needs to be put on hold until serious patches are fixed.
The last hot fix they released was 100% cosmetic LOL.
No gameplay bugs addressed. This shows they have zero idea what is killing the game…


I am beginning to think that they do not know how to fix the game…🤔😧

I don’t care if the characters in the main menu cinematic appear, I don’t care if I have to use basic skins only, I don’t care if I can’t change the appearance of characters.

I care if the game works, I care about not getting multiple game breaking bugs a game, I care about not being able to stay in the game without being randomly logged out for no reason.


Oh my god… as hard as that damn bow is to use on console, nothing makes me combistick rush quicker than this glitch. I love the bow with a passion but it really does need so much work.

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It was fine in the 1.08, then they added these sort of new bugs for somehow

I know the feels on that one man 😩

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Don’t you love when half your attacks even though they land do 0 damage?

Its ammmazing especially when my predator leaps straight up into the air, oh or I try to predcore to a tree and it complete misses. Awesommmmmee… dont forget to mention when I throw my spear it leaves the fucking map… thats not even close to half the bugs… ppl are blind or ft mains dont know shit about the game and how it functions


I know I’ve had my controls just not do anything sometimes sometimes game won’t let me leap or cloak

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Not to mention the best bug in the game when you try to claim a downed ft and you get launched to a tree losing your opportunity and getting also some extra free damage 😂

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That bug looks just as annoying as the one where you try running but you randomly and repeatedly melee the air…

do not be so categorical, I remind you that’s a small independent studio and of a few people … Do not ask them to do as much as big AAA games! be patient, they do their best i’m sure… but it’s a small team, so give them time ;)

I understand your claims, but remember that they are only a small team and a small independent studio, so be patient, it is not EA or Ubi!

A small team of just under 100 ppl, your right…
They have three studios (one in Colorado, one in Washington, one in Texas)
IllFonic’s estimated annual revenue is currently $18.4M per year.
IllFonic’s estimated revenue per employee is $202,000

With funding from sony and epic.
And access to developers from both.

Yeah they are real indie…

And that data is from august last year (will be updated again august this year).