Predator bugs

Have the cloak bug where after swapping weapon (or sometimes will do it on its own) predator becomes uncloaked and not as if the cloak was deactivated, but if the game thinks its still cloaked so then ill have to manually turn off cloak then turn cloak back on.

Also have a bug where every so often there will be delayed response when playing as predator. Example: if im looking around nothing happens till a short time then it will catch up and start reacting to which ever direction or action I am trying to do.

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@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet @Kassinaillia

Look at the video above.
Not only you’ll see the Pred with the cloak bug (partially cloaked) but you can also see that there is no animation while the Pred is running.
Is this what our money pays for?


Figure Skating Pred for the win!!!