Predators fights

Ok so, after the Hunt Party update, we’re almost sure that there will be more and more predator fights in the game, not even in Clash, but maybe in the next game modes, Jungle Hunters fights, and possibly Gauntlet. Right now, the predators fights are fun but not that interesting. I think Ilffonic should add at least two things to make those predators 1vs1 more interesting :

-a parry system and a melee system in the trees

-a finishing move, the defeated predator will have the same animation that a normal downed predator in Hunt, but he would’nt be able to selfdestruct. The winner would do a final decapitation move like the one in Predators, will roar, and win a loooot of XP.


Best idea I read on this forum so far!



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@IllFonic dew it


@IllFonic @Kassinaillia

Let’s get this snowball rolling!


You poor delusional fool, we already wanted a Predator Parry System but they will never do it even if it’s in a another game mode 😔

We don’t know, I guess this is actually easier to do than 75% of what the community ask them to add everyday. It’s a simple thing, but would have make fights soooo much more interesting

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Yes once during a clash all of us were fighting but then we saw two preds fighting in a tree, it was amazing as they fought across the map, we literally stopped what we were doing just to watch


They wont even add a melee in trees for Clash, much less flesh out melee as a system.
Some dev thought a staring contest in a tree was acceptable.


Lol 😂