[PS4 - probably all platforms] [Menu] - [Credits] Soundtrack playing and overlaping with the actual main menu theme.

Unless is a feature(yes sarcasm), the song (main movie/film theme) during the credits section stays playing constantly until you enter a match or just reboot the game.

PS: You should put your QA team to sweep the game more often or thoroughly! It loos like what they are doing is a sloppy job, or is just lazy fixing the bugs and having the tasks at hand for other departments. Users didn’t pay the full price for the game to beta test.

PPS: Also, make sure the save settings, and files from the profile settings of every account (on every platform) don’t actually affect and help some issues migrate to the next patch or build of the game.

Just thought you should know we killed that pred.

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In memory of you.

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Thanks, sorry I could not continue, all I could see is the damn load out menu. I joined somehow after the round started, apparently.

Cause I was hearing you, the intro with the chopper. But stuck on the loadout screen.

Ya games been really buggy lately.

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i just want to let you know they only have 1 QA guy named wil rivera now albeit they did a meet the dev blog (that they have since taken down https://www.illfonic.com/illfonic/meet-the-developer-wil-rivera/) probably because he admitted he only looks into graphic related and menu related bugs basically making sure the game can launch and show models accurately all other bugs he doesn’t look into without some kind of video or screenshot proof as he is just one man

so if you want something fixed show proof they will ignore you otherwise

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They need to increase the Q.A. teams? Wtf, I know some folks from Eastern Europe that can work properly for a decent handful of money.

With $1000/month they can literally pay 2 people for the job, and they can test the living hell out of the game.

They just need to contact me. LeL

Is about being cost effective, if that is the concern.

this is what reasonable people think but then people say “they are a small independent studio who just so happens to get massive franchises that they can make (F13, Predator’s they are also internally making a ghostbusters project) out of sheer luck and get exclusive deals to make games (Epic Sony) they can’t hire more people!”

We have a much larger QA team than one person

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I’m sorry i don’t believe you when there have been bugs that you could discover by playkng the game once and you fellas seem like you’ve never seen them before ie

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I mean you can not believe me but factually there is more than one QA person? Lol


OK, thank you for the reply, but apparently whoever manages your Blackbox and ongoing support team for the project is doing a sloppy job. And this is the truth, wanted or not, I don’t wish to sound mean or anything.

Someone needs to manually test, reproduce, and input the bugs present, also from player feedback over here, into a database. JIRA, Bugzilla, mantis or whatever that bug tracking system and database is. Get those dump files to the programming and other departments team if you may, from all platforms the game is on.

And also, given the fact that some bugs magically reappear afte patches it looks like regression testing is low towards somewhere to absent.

I know you folks need a Q. A. Manager (judging by your career website) but usually there are Excel files and documentation on how and what needs to be tested before relase.

Who and why greenlights these things without even some proper playtests?

If you look over the forums and reddit, I am sure you could encourage some folks from all over the world to apply for playtesting in order to give you feedback and input bugs under some contracts or anything.

There are people who have passion and dedication to this, despite the toxic lot that you may find, and would be willing to help.
Reach out. Is no shame in that.

We are all gamers and we love to see things becoming fruitful.

Thank you for the efforts so far by the way. Even if you do not do a lot, how the meme says, well…is honest work I suppose.

I say this because I love the game to be polished and I like the franchise. I hope you take it constructively.

PS: I am addressing things from a professional to another in the gaming area. 👍

Part of my job is to compile the bug reports from players and pass them onto QA. Our QA team spends all of their time playtesting, bug fixing, etc.

You’re more than welcome to apply to the QA manager role if you feel you could do a better job than we’re currently doing!

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Thanks for the offer, but I don’t aim for Q.A. positions anymore. You tend not to do that anymore when you are interested in art and game plus level design. 👍

That involves working closely with departments. I hope you folks work closely to eachother. Between departments.