Ps5 Hackers, fire team member

Damn those hackers lol

I know that they can use macros, but I don’t know can they use more than just macros?


Just download my proprietary blend of hacks and macros here


I am on PC, I have my own macros. But is it possible to cheat from PS with hacks?

Yeah. There are videos of ppl being cought hacking on PlayStation. But once Sony finds out it’s game over forever I think.

Good thing we on pc can turn crossplay off to not bump with the ps hackers

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Does having a Japanese toilet count as cheating?

By chucks standard changing a key bind is cheating


In terms of PHG, for 4 years, nobody from any platform ever got banned from PHG game. Yet. Forums are another story. But from game, nobody.

Have you watched my videoclip?

Well darn diddly darn

Many types of hacks I encountered when playing As a predator…soldier used the predator’s weapons location on the map…it is a target with a border that locates you…I encountered games that got muddy while shooting the weapon…etc

Damn!! What did u do?

happened to find a night map, I hid at the edge of the map without making any noise… I didn’t empty my cloak, it was pitch dark… A hacker found me… Since then I don’t play as a predator anymore.

Those darn hackers, always ruining our experience 😔

Bitch please. I can kill Preds while downed.

Yes. The most fun now is to play as a soldier… You are lucky and catch with a heckar the predator will be a dead whore… My knife cut many predators …ha ha ha…

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😯😯😯😯 wow

Wow 😯😯

I have that issue with pc players lol never with console 😅