Pushing my agenda; Female Samurai-type Huntress.

Well I wish every DLC would come with a non-paid female version, which might be unlikely. But regardless, if I find it interesting enough, I’ll get it. So I came up with a female counterpart for Mister Samurai boi. Lemme know what you guys think. I might spruce this up later but for now this is an early morning, casual little concept that maybe @OldKingHamlet
and his pals could impliment in the future. Now without furthur adieu!

Name: Ronnin Huntress

Summary: A great Yokai swordswoman from the heavens, peerless and alone, the Ronnin Huntress traveled the asiatic continent in search of the best bladesmen the land could offer her. Her otherworldly prowess earned her admiration and fear and those that she spared came to deify her as a goddess of war!

Stats: Three bars of health, three bars of stamina, two and a quarter bars of movement speed, and a bar and a half for gear.

Specializations: Fervent, Warrior, and a new and unique perk that comes with her; Yokai Wind. Yokai Wind grants a movement speed and melee weapon speed boost.

Weapon: Naginata.

Weapon Summary: A ko-naginata infamously utilized by the swift demon Huntress of the far East. This heavy polearm was forged carefully by the Huntresses’ hand and was designed to be able to keep the countless Samurai legions rushing her at a distance. Having two distinct attack types, the weilder is caple of wide, cone shaped swings and acrobatic, agile jumps or can make themselves stationary, bracing themselves as the Naginata can stretch a short distance to impale prey quickly. (Temporily stuns target) Many legends were told about the Heavenly staff.

Special Effect: Bleeding Impairment. Once hit with severeal slashes, prey will take reduced healing for a short period of time and will also suffer from a speed debuff.

Gear: Naraka Shuriken

Gear Point Usage: 3

Gear Summary: Said to be blades forged deep within the bowels of Naraka (hindu religion’s interpretation of Hell) these extremely fast throwing weapons sliced through the air as the Ronnin huntress masterfully aimed and launched them, tearing down the many Samurai to step to her.

New Perk: Fujin’s Shukufuku (Wind God’s Blessing)

Perk summary: Grants this Yautja reduced stamina use when attacking, allowing for more stamina to be maintained whilst fighting.

New Helm Paint: 浪人 (meaning warrior adrift)

New Skin: Yokai, Oni, Akuma, and Yemma.

Of course this DLC would also come with a new set of Predlocks and a helmet.

I’ve shared this twice now and I will be hears gosh darnit, LMFAOO.


Come on @IllFonic and @Courier be the homies, the MVPs. I really wanna see this and I know what I am envisioning for a design won’t be half as good as your amazing ass art team would make.


Excellent idea for a female samurai. I would have liked to see a male version of Cleopatra as well. Maybe a King Tut would have been bad ass Predator to compliment her.

Maybe in the future we will get one. 👍🏻

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I plan on doing one for Cleo this week, after the next dlc drops (think it might be Tiki, dunno. If it is though I’ll probably research some Pacific Islander mythology to come up with an opposite gender partner for them) and thank you very much.

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Admit it, you just wanna see predator titties, same……




Da! Vse my, sovetskiye mal’chishki, obozhayem teplyye cheshuychatyye sisechki! Gudok gudok gudok!



cyka blyat

TOVARISHCH IVAN !!! Privet!!! dobro pozhalovat’ v nashe obsuzhdeniye zamechatel’noy igry Predator Hunting Grounds !!! chto vy dumayete o budushchem sovetskom rossiyskom dlc ???

очень хорошо
i hope they are to add large bear tundra

da tovarishch !! zamenite kabanov gigantskimi russkimi medvedyami !! genial’naya ideya!!

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You can keep Sharing this and wishing for this.

It may happen. But The Team has a set dlc list they are currently working on.

So I understand this would be cool and we all would love for this to happen but Plz do not keep spamming the forum with this.

You need to understand how they operate and what they have planned is already set in stone.

Eh? It only counts as spam if it exceeds 4/6 times in a day or a dizen or mor tines a week so don’t worry bout that, don’t have enough energy to copy and past that much lol.

Just gonna keep asking every now and then till they say no of give it, LMAO. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be heard, who knows


English pls, I ain’t using google translate to

Ha no idea where you got that info from since people here were suspended for saying a joke at least 3 times before they were suspended.

Hope you get what you wish for but I doubt they would since I’ve been prodding them for a year to fix the audio bug and I haven’t gotten shit. If they do then at least I’ll know copy paste cosplay preds are a higher priority than bug fixes.

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