Put out bans on people using hacks or mods

I honestly don’t know who you are nor what match you’re referring to.

That said, if we can figure that out and I do have it recorded, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess I’m not the one who will look like an idiot.

But if you want to ride this train, drop your gamer tag and let’s find out.

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Come find me bro…I run w your clan mates all the time


Your rage quit on airstrip sir? I have it recorded to sirs


For the record we’re more of a cult instead of a clan as it were

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Bow-spamming and plasma-spamming? What about the FT bullet-spamming?

Only retards go in to claim a downed FT and become an easy target for the FT.

He’s on a roll don’t ruin it

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Only a true hunter claims …not bow spamming…it’s a trash way to prove your good


Is this you?

This also you? How adorable. You still think about me. And apparently want to be a melon.

Sure, let me just claim this body so I can go second wind 😵‍💫

Not even Celltech can save you. You’re a lost cause.

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@Weevo540 acting aloof while people bring him the tea is super funny xD

“Got a problem with me? Who are you again?”



I did attempt to read some of this but it was just incoherent rambling.

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This is everything I’ve encountered since I came back to PHG. CHEESY ASS PREDS AND CHEESY ASS FIRETEAM.

Well at least we have you holding it down. Playing the right way.
What was your gamertag again, I didn’t catch it ?

Why does matter lol sounds like you just use this to Target people as well instead of talk about the main issues to help fix the game you sir are truly trying that hard for enjoyment.

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My fucking God it’s called a paragraph, use them.

Predators cheese with battle axe, handheld and bow light attacks spams.
Fireteam to accommodate the damage that the predator does to them they run noob tubes, grenades, NRV and Saw.

You want the BS to stop and predator hunting grounds stop being cheesy predators and stop being cheesy fire team members you don’t need Yautja bane you don’t need down range you just choose to run it because that’s how you can cheese. You’ve played so many games now that one is repetitious after another you stopped taking your guy’s time now it’s rush to the next game.

How can I target you? I don’t even play. Just wanted to know your gamertag…

Voodoo I do not believe in people rage quitting lobbies and getting banned for it if so we would have no more predators to play against. Instead what they could do to rage quitters is they could give the same load in time is up predators got to deal with. If they rage quit again then they have to wait double the time and then double that time. That will fix people backing out and also rage quitting like pansies.

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