Roars of Predators.

Predators’ Roars
need to be different from each other.

Or at least those who are of Specific Classes or Predators who came by DLC.

Currently, it appears that All Predators roar like Jungle Hunter '87.

At the moment 1:55 we hear this Roar clearly.

Even for those who bought the game in pre-order, and have the Jungle Hunter '87, this should be an Exclusive Roar of it.

Not from all other classes.

The only one who has a different roar is the City Hunter.

And the females also have a slightly different roar.

But I think that each Class needs to have its Exclusive Roar.

To increase Adrenaline to know what we are facing.

If City Hunter Roars, we’ll know it’s Him.

But would be Cool to know when it is Alpha, when it is the Elder, when it is the Samurai, when it is the Viking.

Even the Valkyrie that was added recently, should have a different roar.

Since she is the first female predator added by DLC.


I agree! They can def make more roars for any updated predators added and DLC predator.

Their appearances are drastic enough to suggest their version of genetic diversity so their vocals likely should vary, maybe not even a lot but should definitely vary.

Also the Elder has his own roars btw



I hadn’t noticed.

You need to take off his mask for it to work.


Does it sound anything like the female? anyone have a sample?

Haven’t heard it in a while but if I recall correctly it was different from the females.

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They gotta add the Concrete Jungle roars and AVP 3 roars


It’s his own distinct roards, different from CH97, standard predators and females

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Pred skins should all have different sound effects and mimic lines. Arguably different cloak effects and different looking vision modes. No two preds have had identical thermal vision in the movies.
I’d buy that over tiny adjustments to stat bars.

Give movie preds their movie quotes as mimic lines, and then @Illfonic can just spend 10 mins whispering random mimicry into the studio microphone and distort it for their novelty preds. Hell setup a contest requesting voocaroo submissions so you don’t have to do it yourself. Anything to make preds more unique.


Considering there are like dozens of different times we have heard roars in the films I feel this would be easy to implement


I think everyone should be able to choose their own roar pitch entirely, like on a slider drag left for deeper pitch, drag right for higher pitch… like you can do for vocals in arma and some other games.


I’d be fine with that, a pitch and base scale for one of several different roar types

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Fuck just adding the roar add Scarface


As much as I would like him to be added I’d rather not see one of my favorite preds of all time be added to the game because he’d end up being colored pink or gold or some other horrible looking version of him just like JH.

That’s true also I don’t think they would get his stats right due to the fact he took down an entire empire by himself killed a legion of predator killing soldiers and some bad bloods plus some xenos, and illfonic would give him berserker speed and stamina


And potentially be killed by 4 soldiers without any knowledge of what they’re going up against (not including Dutch, OWL Op, Dante) even though Scarface has gone up against far worse.


The Elder Roar without mask sounds like a Older City hunter who smokes 7 packs a day amd a 3 liters of Rum.

accurate to what it WOULD sound like, lol

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