Samurai? Now do Knights!

Lol not only would we hear his elephant sized footsteps a mile away but all the other sounds with his armor and chain mail.

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Yupp im cool with this

Now I want Predator in For Honor.

Ave Maria!

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@IllFonic image


How about no?

You are being sarcastic right now, right?

While we’re at it throw in a Mayan warrior Predator

Gladiator Pred

Mongol Pred

No im not being sarcastic. I like the idea of Knight armor and broadsword.

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Ehhhh… Samurai pred already sounded like a stretch. A knight pred sounds even more un-realistic. I know this is a predator game, but still, sort of un-realistic.

I also feel like we don’t need a bunch of historical preds.

Any reason as to why

Also, what kind of story would even go with a knight pred?

Do we really need a story to go with every Predator. The knight could just be a cosmetic and I’d be happy

I just feel like we shouldn’t have historical predators instead of actual predators like Scar or Wolf.

Something like this I would be cool with (if it was made AFTER iconic preds), because it’s got a “predator spin” and honestly looks like something a predator would wear.


This LITERALLY has the symbol of the French crusaders on it, therefore is DEFINETLY NOT something a predator would be caught wearing.

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Look at that picture again… no!

I know for a fact we’ll get way more pre-existing Predators than new Predators. Because everyone wants their favorite Predator in this game

As for a gladiator predator like some other people were talking about, I would be fine with it as long as he is not LITERALLY wearing human gladiator armor. Something like this would be more preferable.


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The image is to spark the idea of a Predator in knightley armor
I don’t want what’s in the image I want the idea implemented

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