Saying hi, new here.

Yoo! Just found this game after all these years, tried it for a few days and I have some questions. As a beginner I can’t understand a few things:

Where the fuck is everybody? Can’t start a single multiplayer match because there are no players.

I have some issue finding the target at private match and killing it. I tried a few maps and target always escapes. I crossed all the map, was at the camp, literally was at the point of the skull and there was nothing. What am I missing?

About the appearance of the Predator, there are only different colors of the skin and armor, no different styles. Is that all or do I need to up my level to unlock them? I heard different Predators could be used, Classic, City hunter, Scar… How to get them, do I need a patch?

Btw, Happy New Year all, stay safe!

YouTube samhain13, ignore bloodthirstylord


I think this post below by @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK is quite helpful.

Ask @BeerWarrior66 about game bugs.

SkooLBoY_SkePtiK’s post is below.


Like most faillfonic games it was abandoned silently after a year and a half , like other faillfonic games they still sell it to victims .

I’m guessing most people don’t play anymore because they fixed very little bugs and it’s possible the servers have been downgraded so much that the matchmaking has gotten worse .

As for the different predator skins? You need to purchase them for said abandoned game and they are for the most part just reskinned classes , sorry you fell victim 👍🏻

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Who are you playing privates with?

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Game is dead, bad, broken, other things

Try and ask for a refund if u still can. PHG isnt worth ur money


Most of the predator classes r DLC and u have to pay to get them, u only unlock 5 by leveling up. Every other one is DLC. Fireteam the same, u unlock 5 by leveling up and rest is DLC. (But do note that the only way that u could get Jungle Hunter 87 was by preordering the game. I got mine bc i traded a dlc code with a dude that works for GameStop in exchange for a special code that gave me jungle hunter)

Most skins/weapon shaders and biomasks r acquired by using veritanium (in game currency earned by leveling up and playing matches)

For gameplay tips, check out Samhain13 on yt. Ignore everything that has bloodthirstylord on it

Most of the players u do find will be one of the 2:

Absolute noobs/idiots that dont know how the game works


Veterans who have been playing from launch/for years and know everything abt the game and will cream u or ur opponent in 2 minutes

Anyways that’s it pls uninstall game


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