It’s a rainforest
Close to the equator so it’s constant “summer”
No fall no winter

I don’t think they have enough man power to commit to something like seasons. I mean, if you think about it, seasons are nothing more than dlc that just gets played for a few months. With so little content on this game (only 3 new maps in almost 2 years, and there were only 3 maps to begin with), limiting content to just a few months will be pretty much stupid.

There needs to be at least a dozen maps, along with a dozen characters on each faction, before something like rotating characters/maps can even be put in place.

And the amount of work needed to keep soemthing like this in place will ask for some serious man-power ($$$) that I highly doubt illfonic can afford.

Great idea, if only this game was popular enough


Battle Passes for seasons are cool. I play Valorant, which is a free game, but you can buy a battle pass for active season and get some cool weapon skins and stuff with it.
I think it would work well for PHG, but somebody gotta make custom skins and rewards that’ll come with each new Battle Pass / Season.


Wait is he talking about like BR season
Fuckn gross

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It might not. IMHO this game survives on nastalgia and it mostly has to do with the jungle. I think derailing off of that would make the game too out there and also this is the first Predator FPS of it’s kind.So i think they want to let the leaves fall where they be until a movie comes out or some other company plans a sequel to the game with a bigger scope/bigger budge,etc.

what you were thinking? snow in central america? hahahahaha


No it wouldn’t. If you want some extra shaders and skins, you buy a battle pass and level through it, unlocking the goodies. It wouldn’t ruin the game or anything like that, Battle Pass would be an option, not a must.


Seasons as Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer? Or seasons like dumb ass fortnite and adding more micro transactions?

If thats wht you are thinking. Kinda unplug whatever your playing on, give it to some needy kid and start your accounting degree because this is the dumbest shit ever. If its about micro transactions that is

Micro transactions would ruin this game. Sorry and if you like micro transactions go play fortnite. Real gamers hate that shit

I never said I like it. lol

Apologies for being away on updating this post. I’ve been busy with behind the scenes personal life situations. So, for seasons. We could do seasons 3 times a year. For example, Winter(there could be winter map variants and freezing cold temperatures that require different playstyles, FT masks, and different outfits. And, for Predator, you could add jackets like the Viking DLC. Then, there could be fall and summer, where we have leaves falling from the trees, and if a certain leaf falls to the ground it could drop a prize. The prize could be a free Predator or Fireteam DLC. Or, it could drop clues to find the Predator if the player leaves or disconnects from the match. And, for summer, we can have the famous hunter season. Where the Predator arrives on a map in his spaceship, and in order to stop the Predator from escaping the Fireteam must destroy the Ship. And, the predator can go onto his ship during the hunt to get different arsenals. Which would mean that the FT can pick up weapons that the AI drops, which could be a weapon that’s never been in the game before. These are all of my ideas for now, tell me what you think? @illfonic: PLEASE CONSIDER THIS!!!

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No. Just… no. People have milked the shit out of ‘seasons’ in multiplayer games as it is.

Calm down…it was just an idea. I didn’t say anyone had to agree with it.

Yeah, calm down @I_BE_GOD.

They just don’t have the talent/man-power to do this. They can barely push an update with minimal content and bug fixing once every few months.


Can’t see your not wrong on that statement!

lol that’s probably one of the calmest comments I’ve put on the forum XD