Setting our stuff down in the lift and have it follow the lift

On Excavation if you place an item(medkit, ammo bag, bear trap, etc…) on the lift and activate it (or place it while it’s already moving) the items don’t follow the lift. If we get any more moving platforms in the future it would be nice to implement a way for the items to follow the platform they are on if the platform moves.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet mind passing this suggestion along to someone, if you haven’t already


That’s pretty funny

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So they either stay are the bottom or float at the top? Can you recall? You should file this as a bug.

Next time it happens I’ll post a video, but yes the item just floats there

Lift goes up motion doesn’t
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They don’t read this section

It is my belief that Illfonic does read most things in feedback, they just don’t comment on it. If @IllFonic were to comment on something then it would show everyone that they are indeed listening.

Didn’t know this was a thing maybe @Illfonic will do something

Quality of life bump