Something going on?

If it’s not the game, it’s the servers, if it’s not the servers, it’s the game.
Are we ever gonna have a 100% functioning game? Are Illfonic ever gonna compensate us all for all these issues?

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Making dinner while waiting for a 20 minutes screenshot.

Matchmaking has been busted since launch , some good days and mostly bad

Yes, next DLC is $7.99 make sure you have your credit card ready.

Bruh, I take naps shorter than than.

By any chance i’m gonna do that. @IllFonic is never gonna see another dime from me. In this game or any other one.
In fact, i’m thinking about asking PSN for a refund of this game.

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Blue-screened Pred incoming!

If the problems were only the match making, i would be ok with that.

My naps are usually like 2ish hours, it takes me like half an hour just to fall a sleep, unless I’m dead tired.

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Game’s dead, con tus muertos! 💀

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Oh I guess Epic couldn’t handle my sizzling critique! Servers just came back online!

Praying the issue is resolved before my stream tonight : /

Was honestly expecting like 1 hour tops.

Sorta all I really do for fun these days.

@Kassinaillia is there an ETA on the fix?

How does one do this

Oh , it takes years of discipline and grit 😌

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I have final exams, so when I’m not studying I am crying in the shower from stress

They just buffed the axe.

It’s so buff now it’s pulling loading time data to compensate for damage output.

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There’s an ongoing AWS outage. A lot of services are partially down including Parsec, Slack, many games, etc.

I ask again, who da fuk are you to supervise what i post or not?
Stay in your corner