Strange match, possible dammage hack?

Ok had a weird match earlier today. The FT was acting strange, running around trying to juke me using a staircase. Then things got really weird when I noticed one of them was able to hit me with the shotgun while not even aiming at me. Soon after that I was second winded and what happens next is… We’ll watch and tell me what you guys think. I have no idea.


That staircase scout was sweaty af btw lol

3:45 for future reference.
Desync, lagswitch, ping spike, pick your posion. Really good example of the game registering hits and you aren’t there and should probably be linked to all the other IS THIS AIMBOT?! threads. Server rolls the pred back you get lit up while the guy is actually just shooting some green goo out of crates and rubberbanding his ass off. Predator is only rolled to where he actually should be after his hp hits 0 so he isn’t at different places on laggy FT screens.

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Ahh, yeah never had this happen.

But nevermind the laggy dude can we talk about those scout jukes, sweating just looking at him

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Yeah that dude was squirrely af. Lol. I would have claimed them if I wasn’t busy getting lag blasted by ghost gunner.


Im dying

Wow… Could possibly be a huge server glitch, or major hacks. They are on PC, so the likelyhood of hacks or exploits is probably higher.

Eh, now that I’ve seen it a few times I’m leaning on the lagspike/desync theory. He was probably shooting me the whole time and I wasnt there on my end. Hope they can prevent it from being a common thing.

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They’d have to do something about how the server handles desynced laggy players or just boot them during spikes instead of trying to reconnect them to the game & keep them in. Currently lagging FT member has a hilarious advantage reminds me of the MW2 era if anyone remembers getting spawnkilled by brazilian ghost gunners.

As long as the pred gets frozen in place on one guys screen and still takes damage like normal its never going to work. Awful netcode and players basically all experience different game states. But yadda yadda we need high ping players to be able to enjoy the game too yadda. Currently lag compensation is trash and favors the potato connection. Makes getting shot through walls in Battlefield look like a joke in comparison.

This feels like lag, the consistency of the shots, while he was standing still for you. You saw him as he saw you, he did damage, you did not. This is what happens.

This is on the game, not a hack. I’m 90% sure, by looking at the vid.

i hope that the 30th june patch will solve a lot of existing issue ;'c

I feel like I heard that before, like daily. Since release.

I hope they actually learned a lesson and start communicating.

If the next patch doesn’t cut it with the right amount of bug fixes…? I will predict a massive drop in the playerbase. All the long-term fans are getting tired with some of the ignored bugs that are plaguing the game. I will 100% drop this game for at least a month if the June patch is lackluster. Which they have been… all the previous patches.