Streaming Predator Hunting Grounds tonight

On air in about 10 minutes.

Streaming tonight at 9pm UK time and chatting about ALIENS and collectibles.

Streaming something Alien tonight, at around 9pm.

Welcome to the Hive

Back to the hunting grounds in about 10 minutes.

Hunting Grounds in 20 minutes. It’s been a whiiiiiiile.

Aliens Versus Predator 2 (AVP2) Multiplayer madness.

Playing some UMP3 maps too

at around 8:30pm

Streaming now

Streaming AVP tonight. With special guest James Colonel Cameron

Now on AIR

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Streaming AVP2 online multiplayer in about 30 minutes.

Streaming tonight at about 8pm.

is this the biggest nerd alert ever? Man-boi has more toys of alien than hobbies stores have in stock.

Says the elitist


I think you meant geek… and anyway… what’s the problem with that? Everyone has hobbies. I have a lot of cosplay props and shit. Let people enjoy their hobbies man. Don’t be a dick.

If it was a girl showing her fandom y’all be simping her like douchebags



Streaming AVP2010 Marine campaign in about 30 minutes.

Streaming in about 30 minutes.

Streaming more AVP in about 30 minutes Welcome to the hive. []

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AVP Predator campaign. The game mechanics are similar to Predator Hunting Grounds, the one Hunting Grounds they are more polished and refined.

My channel Videos Clips Predator Hunting Grounds (PS4)

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Hello, I’ll check it out man 👍… Streaming something totally random in about 10 minutes