Suggestion for features to the fire team

Hey IllFonic, could we have the Predator Gauntlets on Old Dutch and Isabella do something? Like 30 sec cloaking and maybe self destruct? Another idea is for us to have a taunt option. The Predator has,” want some candy?” but the fire team has nothing. Maybe Dutch can say, “you’re one ugly mother f-er!”. I love the game and hope my suggestions will be considered.

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yes I am to force end game by nukings of forest as my Team is to be fleeing

very good

Isabelle is to be callings Alien ship to Bomb and Evac too.

taunt is cool but FT is already pretty powerful. Is a 30 sec cloak really a good idea?

maybe a gauntlet weapon though, just make it like city hunter gauntlet

Well it kinda depends on the user if it’s powerful enough. It can be argued that the Predator is a tank no matter the skill level of the user. I still think the cloak would be cool and 30 sec or lower would be a good power balance.

For Isabel, the abilty to prevent the Predator scanning, marking her on Pred HUD would be great, and AI not finding her.

How can you be a sniper when AI spawns on top of you and predators have big ol’ HUD markers pointing to you in your hidey spot.

These ideas are terrible

Cloaking fireteam? Wtf!!! This is a game about Yautja, not humans

@Glamdaring lol didn’t know u were on the forum

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I think it’d be cool…if u could git gud

I drop in from time to time to post radom thoughts, and see whats up.

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@IllFonic should implement the change in AI’s behaviour. If you’re mudded up and 10-15 meters above the ground (sniper FT), AI’s wouldn’t be able to find you.

Atm, I could be on the roof of the building and AI’s would teleport near me and shoot me instantly, which is plain stupid.

Even more stupid is the fact when they start shooting you, your crosshair is going left and right, making you miss your shots and getting melted at the same time.

But when they shoot the Pred, they deal laughable dmg and Preds crosshair isn’t moving at all.