There's no room for stealth.

On both sides.

The AI literally provide no room for stealth in this game.

The amount of times I’m mudded up as FT, or cloaked as Predator, the second one of the AI are aware of my presence, (even if they have shrubs trees or leaves in their FOV), it seems to alert even the furthest AI to come to the party.

Would love to see a DECREASE in the AGGRESIVENESS in AI. To help immerse players into playing a stealthy game style. The music gets so fucking intense.

Your guys last stream demonstrated this since the AI won the game lol.

Would be great to be able to not play so “run and gun” and truly demonstrate the need to be stealthy in the game.

Also would REALLY help with the missions that you need to “mother goose” and sit on. At least the AI could pool around the objectives “wondering what’s wrong with equipment” and you could be chuckling and shitting your pants at the same time hearing the pred trying to find you, and the tactical thinking of needing to take out the AI, other than going in loud.

Every missions ends up being loud regardless of how hard you try to stealth.

My two cents :)


At least the AI keep their word “Us or the jungle either way you’re fucked!”


“knew you’d comeback!” First time in any camp


“MuD wHy!!?” after never seeing the FT at all let alone with mud.


Trash the AI and turn it into a Predators battle royale & parachute players in seperated.


Stealth? What stealth?

The second an alarm is triggered, the game will home in on the entire fire team and even spawn some shits right next to you even if you don’t trigger it because the AI in this game’s a fucking joke and that’s not going to change.


My idea for promoting a stealth based gameplay regarding ai:
Buff ai damage, nerf Ai awareness of surroundings and ft location, make them spawn 100 meters out from camp when alarm is triggered.

Give FT knife stealth kills on ai, the more Ai health the longer the animation.

Pred: make it so that walking, running, and crouch walking doesn’t sound like an elephant stampede running through the jungle, buff cloak back to where it was.

You can hire me to save the game now, @IllFonic.


Lord Sidious has spoken.

I agree… sadly… my way of playing the game is wait for an update and play like a few and test out necessary things to enjoy if ur playing either pred or fireteam…

But so far no enjoyment…

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I would like to repeat my take on this as i said it in the release of the game.

AI needs to be more interactive and not so agressive if they dont have to be.

First of all i dont mind the damage they do but how they actually deal it and work.

AI should have ability:

  • Split apart / investigate / patrol
  • Have ability to get baited in
  • Skinned alive
  • Get stunned by the predator
  • Have a boss / leader with each patrol
  • Have a boss come in if reinforcements get called
  • Can be scared by predator

Stealth wise:

I will be completely honest with you, there wont be any room for stealth unless make the objectives more trickier and longer than they are right now…

And i mean they need to be much longer and harder… cause even a baby can do them without trying lmao.

The maps need to be expanded more aka bigger

Terrain needs to be smoothen out so predator wont be stuck on invisible hitboxes

Echo needs to be added in game (as sort of fear mechanic i guess where you start to lose your sanity) (you get to hear predator noises & animal noise)

Btw this applies to FIRETEAM too

I think that fireteam should be nearly undetectable by crouching mudded fireteam members.


Oh you can play really stealthy if you want to.
You just can’t do the missions in a complete stealthy way.
Or against a good Predator that knows how to still find you.

We already had games where we used optimized loadouts and just kept hidden the whole time while hunting very clueless predators.

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