There's really no point in playing the predator at level 150

  • You get very little veritanium after every match usually a 100 or maybe 200 if you play very well
  • No challenges
  • He’s gotten more nerfs while the Fireteam got more buffs
  • Queue times are still long which I don’t know why. Maybe the players who haven’t reached level 150 yet?
  • Field lockers still suck. Might as well call them duplicate lockers.

Would be nice to know, if and how queue times depend on such things…

Personally I think the biggest drawback yet is the random player grouping. It would be better, if the players of the same skill level would be grouped together primarily. For both - the noobs as well as the pros.

Or at least it would be nice, if one could select, whether he wants to play with noobs or pros.

Maybe this would lead to bigger waiting times then, I do not know the statistics of how many players of each kind play at the same time :)

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I mean there is one reason, for fun.


@IllFonic @OldKingHamlet Explain this to me. Why do I get only 45 veritanium with 4,840 xp when I claimed 3 fire team members (One rage quit) and 4 ai kills? An answer would be appreciated.

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Exactly. I would like the XP level increased, but I play as Pred because I enjoy hunting the FT. Haven’t bothered with crates for a long time. Got one mythic trophy and that’ll do me - can’t be bothered opening hundreds of crates just to get more duplicates.


If you dont treat this game as a run of the mill competitive game,and focus on how engage and the tactics behind it, its alot more fun than just focusing on killing the ft.

Nobody should be playing Pred if there looking for money 👀

It’s solely imo to Hopefully enjoy a bloody tense match with 4 other random dudes online.

Or for those more sadistic ones, it’s like there happy place


If they stuck with the lore, there might be an answer. There was one for the FT. I take it honor
is a hard thing to put into the system so I guess we will have to except it as the most satisfying one but not quite in the game.

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Mass you lost me like that match we once had 😂 I was following then just got lost 🤷‍♂️

Help me understand bro 🙇‍♂️

Bad idea people would think one side is op you have to mix players. I mean if you get a hole ft squad of people who cant play the game they will think the pred is op when its actully the other way around.

I understand ranked games but i think ifflonic should creat a different match making sever or a certain game mode For ranked games.

Dont get but hurt like most people do on here when i give my opinion


The yahtja honor stuff that is mentioned in the game. Its a concept but its not anything you can score on…which i think it should…like by scoring I mean unlocking some thing…maybe a metered gauge of Paragon / Renegage thing and not xp or V. As youve stated. Predators shouldnt be playing for V or xp.

I don’t know instead of Honor, maybe a tribes weapon ranking. Like the more you use a weapon, your tribal knowledge of Bow or Melee increases. and an increase of Melee Ranking past a certain number of games will make you Master of Melee …

I suppose with the achievements trophies there is already something like this…but its not embedded into any stats you can see as part of your character or loadout. I guess loadouts complicates things.

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You could play for fun

Last time I played pred (a few weeks ago) wait times were 5 mins


or you can play for fun.

I only play for fun

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I totally get you now 🙏 that is something I’d love to see in game.

Maybe something like the old fable games were your actions would deem you good or bad (honourable or bad blooded)

Not sure what they could tie it too maybe style of kills Something like that 🤔

Also would of been a great way for customisations to be awarded. For example if you fought dishonourable mostly you would unlock things we would see from a bad blood Pred like some of the skins (blooded for one) or even Pred skulls or attachments as you said.

Definitely should push the idea to the devs 👀

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I like to log in every now and then and mess with the fireteam until they get to exfil and then let them get their pred kill

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No way, bro. Opinions are fine, we are here in this forum to exchange opinions. That’s fun. As long as one does not accompany his opinion with personal insults. You definitely did not do that. So, shiny :)

I did not get that? The skill level of each player naturally must be measured over a statistically high number of games.

There are well established processes for doing this - have a look at the ELO ranking in chess:

Something similar could be done. It might be a little more difficult than with 1vs1 matches, but, hey, we do not need the precision, which is necessary for professional chess players earning their money on basis of that, right…?

Dishonorable action: waiting at the reinforcement radio to kill the last fire team soldier standing… Happens to me often lately…

By the way, if someone has a solution for that, POV FT, please do not hesitate to tell that to me… I beg you…

Play Predator for fun? Not even Pinhead and his cronies think that the pain of playing as predator is pleasurable.

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Typical predator player. After multiple patches of FT getting constant nerfs and preds constant buffs, the roles are reversed for 1 patch and its the above.

PS. I have no use for veritanium and gunplay is mediocre at best. I still play it for fun.