Tomorrow is the day

Im sure the free update will be in July will be the Samurai Pred weapons and mask

“With the free updates we plan to introduce new weapons, game modes, and more. We will share more as we get closer to each content drop.”
This was in the Dutch release page on this forum


Im pretty sure we have had this convo already and all you talk about is data mined bs from a uncredited “leaker”

Nah you have to link it. Cant just say something and not link it

I literally just told you it’s in the Dutch returns category on this website that isn’t some datamined crap

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Okay I dont see it happening. They can say whatever they would like but I dont see it other then offline bots.

Also Dont know you so plz keep it formal. Im not your bro

Who knows honestly it’s not specific at all so yeah it could literally just be an offline mode or something
And really I cant call you bro so sorry sir richerterbryan I did not mean to offend lol but yeah sure

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Yeah your right should not take my shitty day out on here. My apologies. There needs to be slap a customer day made into a holiday or something.
Hope for new modes but I feel like “modes” will either just be a different obj on a new map like maybe the pred has a obj and the ft are protecting it so it would not change up the public quee, or like i said offline bots which would be a nice change of pace if you are not a highly skilled Pred player


I love how this guy still will disagree even after showing proof

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No, it’s tomorrow it’s an American company and their date and time zone dictate it’s tomorrow June 30th.

Sorry for folks on the other side of the globe, for you it will most-likely be the 31st by the time the DLC is released.


Disagree? Im more trying to keep the discussion going.

The state of the game will be altered if a new mode is put into play is all im saying

31st? Yall have 31 days in June?

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Nobody knows that except for Devs, they haven’t announced anything yet about new game modes nor maps.

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No, it will be a new gamemode selectee separately from the normal one that will have its own balance changes. It isn’t a feat to make a new game mode

Okay and that will add to the already long quee times for the Predator in Public.

I can only see a future game mode as offline Bots for the casual Pred Players.

If they add a new game mode its going to be in the same que and the game decides in what game mode it throws the players. If they split ques, the time it takes for predators to find a game is going to be huge.

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Whatever map you get should be what gamemode you get. Derailed= Hunt, New Map= 2v10

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