Traditionalist is impossible to get without boosting

I don’t know where to begin.
You Can’t heal.
You Can’t use trees.
You Can’t leap slam.
Parry spam literally just happens if a knife attack spam wielding cheater (because that is what you are, okay?) SPAMS ATTACK. It’s even easier if you use alternate controls as FT. Just spam circle. Doesnt matter if you’re PC or PS4. Parry thru melee spam equals you ignore incoming damage, stun pred, and deal damage all in one go. Bonus points if the rest of the team is there shooting you to pieces because not like 1v1 counts either, and if you have the reflexes to do it you will win 1v1. Just set your camera sensitivity higher and you’ll never be flanked either. This is a joke.
Your achievements are a joke. Your balance is a joke. Your community is as welcoming as an invitation to drag your genitals across Tabasco covered shards of glass. When you inevitably fail as a company I hope your devs get paid, because whoever is in charge of this sinking ship is probably getting ready to bounce with any and all profits. I’ll laugh, and remember all of this before bothering to trust the Predator franchise ever again.

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Unless you get a team full of good natured spuds who won’t leave before you luck out slaughtering their slow assess I don’t know what you expect people to do.

I’m assuming these achievements are PS4?
Coz I have no idea what you’re talking about. :)

Don’t you have steam achievements for this too?

Game’s not on STEAM.
Epic exclusive (for whatever stupid reason).

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Epic gives money for exclusives on their client
And taking less than Steam from sells
I wonder 💵💵💵why thats on Epic hmm 🤔 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
Is Sony wanted FREEEE MONEY?! 🤔 💵💵💵💵

I unlocked that Trophy May 28th, it’s easy asf (without boosting)

Run Impenetrable + Fearless perks if you need too — but the most important part, equipping a NetGun baby!

It’s one of my Go-To builds NetGun the shit out of FT and hack them to pieces with WristBlades.

I mainly do that with Jungle Hunter because I try to only use Wrist Blades, Plasma Caster & NetGun with him.

I heal all the time, I leap slam often, I use trees but once engaged with FT drop to ground and crouch walk + leap.

Sounds like you’re a newer player as the Predator — it takes practice, muscle memory and learning what works for you.

But you can’t use anything but the blades. You can’t heal. You can’t net gun either. . .

I’m actually 150. I use melee builds that incorporate those perks all the time. I also use fast hands because the recent net Nerf.

oh shit fast hands actually works? tbh i never noticed a weapon swapping speed diffrenence with it and yeah as it stands traditionalist is pretty much impossible now that all the FT pretty much know what their doing i’m glad i got it on the 2nd day of the games release since as you are correct you can’t equip any item that isn’t wristblades you can’t even get in trees since it then auto equips caster canon
so yeah man sorry i don’t got anything better to say

I often run bear traps, and spear, and netgun. I run trapper, fast hands, and down range sometimes. Sometimes I swapped fast hands out for a more expensive perk depending on class. But i noticed a significant amount of time if I was close range OR far. I had more time to aim, and pull of shots after netting, or trapping with fast hands vs not. But that’s me. Maybe it’s not actually doing anything. I’d say that it’s worth testing.

well i do know trapper does not effect net gun in anyway i suppose i’ll have to break out a stopwatch for fasthands sometime

alright that didn’t take long it does actually work it’s just only .44 seconds faster than no perk i’ll remember this

Yeah trapper is only for traps, but Iike having both the trap and net gun and fast hands. Gives a lot of cc options. The net gun is the only shutdown to parry gods too.