Traditionalist not unlocking

Tradionalist does not unlock, even if fulfilling various the conditions like (Epic version 2.22):

  1. quick play vs. 3 PS and 1 Steam (crossplay)
  2. All 4 members of the fireteam were downed with wrist blades and, then, killed with wrist blades while downed.
  3. No claiming
  4. No healing by healing kits
  5. No healing by boars
  6. No trees
  7. Wristblades were equipped the whole time.
  8. Played as Berserker-Brute
  9. No leavers
  10. Leaps used
  11. No cloaking
  12. No thermal view
  13. No target isolation

Other players report that they got the achievement while healing, claiming, cloaking and using thermal view.

The achievements seems to be broken for some people.

Illfonic, can you investigate, please, and tell us the required conditions? Thanks.