UAV needs a QoL fix

Initially, spotting items tagged everything the same color. At some point either with or after the addition of the UAV, spotting colors became relative to the player.

While this is fine, the team colors themselves are low visibility and you can only really see orange and yellow. So if you’re bravo or delta with a UAV, everyones eyes are gonna hurt.

One solution is to recolor the blue and green to a higher brightness level so their spots can be easier seen. Another is to revert to the old way of just giving everyone the same color spotting icons.


I want this because it’s really hard to see those colors.

Also could we bring up that red on red is hard to see for Pred players

Can you make it happen @Illfonic @courier @OldKingHamlet @moderators


lol playing clash trying to aim at people and CAPTURE POINT MOVED pops up taking a third of the screen as someone hits their UAV and everyone tosses all of their grenades putting a million indicators on the screen at once

Illfonic why

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Yea, when the UAV is used in Clash, it Mark’s Enemy FT as if they were Sqaud Teamates in Hunt, (Could be Blue or something), so it it can Mark Enemy FT as Red like how they do A.I then that would be good.

I wonder why any attention to color was paid. There is still that problem of the icons being a tiny little dot on the screen on the map in which they wont even bother to address.

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That too, the icons on the minimal for both pred and ft are too hard to tell apart.