Vertitanium, Loot Boxes, Rewards System suggestions

Daily and Weekly Challenge system Flawed.

-The challenge system was a clear attempt to cut back on queue times, but because of FL odds of getting New or of High rarity items are so poor they’re usually ignored and don’t help the long queues. At this point You have 3 options.

A. Increase the amount of Vertanium to meet the FL odds.

B. Increase The FL odds to get new or higher rarity loot.

C. Add Exclusive Rewards like FT skins that can only be obtained through Weekly challenges.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet

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If they made a whole lot of new customization items I think that would help

More items means more chance to get one if that makes sense

Which is true but illfonic doesn’t update the game with new cosmetics until theirs a DLC drop. At one point it was every month now after Christmas it’s every two months.

But still that doesn’t guarantee we’ll get any new cosmetics.

I hope they’re not taking twice the amount of time to deliver the same amount of content 😟

Those XP bonuses for matchmaking are absolutely useless to maxed out players. They need to replace that with Veritanium bonuses if you’re already max level. None of the additional cosmetics that they have added over the months are included in the field locker’s drop rotation. All of that shit should have been addressed months ago.

You make a good point

Hey @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet can you please add the cosmetics you’ve added to the game since launch into the Field Lockers please. Maybe even replace the XP boost FT gets for VT.

If you guys can’t do that could you at least tell us why