We Need A Single Player Mode ASAP

Are you guys at illfonic working on any single player content for the game? A good example would be like Evolve had a single player option.


And their previous game Friday the 13th

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I want one to play just to relax and enjoy the game on my own



Try playing a Private Match by yourself. I’ve been playing as the Predator and hunting the AI enemy soldiers. Probably not as fun as playing against a Fireteam, but it’s a good way to practice the maps and level up. I’m, currently, at level 23. Also, it helps finding any bugs and/or glitches in the game as well. :)

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It won’t even let me set up a private match

There are many out there that loved the PS2 Predator game and would love to see a good lengthy single player campaign in this game as well. It would also allow for more multiplayer maps and proper usage of the armors and color schemes already in the game. Please consider your single player base as well in this seeing there are many of us as well!

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Terrible idea. This is a MP game and it needs a lot of work. SP would be crap because they don’t have the resources and only make the MP even worse.

People who ask for a Single Player didn´t understand the concept for this game


I know this is all guess work, maybe we will eventually get a single player mode if the game is successful enough, similar to what they did in Friday 13th. You would play the Predator and have to go through various scenarios from the films where you kill and take trophies. This would be years out though.

If not that then I think we will get a virtual cabin type of mode (again, like F13th) which has you unlocking how they made the game and lore from the films.

i would buy the game right away if they add a single player offline mode with some care added to it. Like I don’t know why they didn’t add it to begin with knowing people would ask for such a mode

an offline bot mode at minimum would be good. If only for longevity of the game.


I hope you guys are working on a single player campaign for the Predators, Fireteam and Dutch. This could be so awesome if you added stories for each side and made them chapters like the did for the resident evil games. I know that us fans would eat them up and gladly give you our money if you did this. Please make this game awesome for the fans. We were hoping this would have happened with Friday the 13th but all those legal battles screwed us out of that. AvPs, Predators, Predator 1and 2 not to mention all the comic book content. You guys at Illfonic could make some serious money from this game.

All the money invested in single player could and should be spent improving what we have and expanding upon it.

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The fact that this game is catering to the fireteam crybabies shows the majority of the community doesn’t understand the original goal of this game.

No… of course they are not. Do have an idea how much development time such a story mode would cost? If there is none at the beginning, it’s more than unlikely they won’t work on something like that after the games release.

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Oh like a time trial?

up… @IllFonic now We have bots and that is good… i don’t know if we will get an entire story mode, (lonewolf) but please, if not, can you improve the bots? actually they simply stay stick to the pred ass in every moment just to do nothing… we need a more various behaviors please…