We Need Scarface from Concrete Jungle

Make it happen @IllFonic :)
Weapon: Either the Maul or Speargun


God I would love scar face
He would be undoubtedly the strongest pred in game
Would suck to see him get mowed down by some dumbfuck with a 1911

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I do have to wonder if he is under the Predator or AVP license and if any legal issue would prevent his inclusion.

Why not both?


Let’s be honest, there isn’t and never will be a Fireteam in this game able to take him down. Considering what he did, he’d play even the PC death squads like a fuckin’ flute


If it was game accurate but since it’s PHG and predators are made of paper
He would die :(

Oh I would love both! However they usually give the new Predators one weapon when they are released.

That’s a good question, I would guess it is under the Predator license.

It would be awesome to have his mask or some kind of cameo, but he’s definitely too badass to be done justice.

This is very true

And a concrete jungle map

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I think a city map framed as New Way city could work. The city exploded and Neonopolis was built right over it. Though in places like the early levels and tutorial it’s clear the city has been left abandoned and could be overgrown in some areas.

The idea I’m getting at is that the location is abandoned to avoid questions of where the civilians are at and why patrols are going through the area. Stargazer is working on hybrid weaponry and you could tie that into the Borgia company and so we’re stopping Stargazer from delivering the goods to Borgia. You could also introduce A.I Predator this way. Weaker, no weapons, melee only, and of course explaining away A.I being A.I by these being the brainwashed and tortured Predators who escaped the facility or had been setup as heavyhitters for Borgia.

Because the area is overgrown in what is almost 100 years since the blast you got trees and facilities for Stargazer to make drops and camps where Predators fitted by Borgia can be tested.

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I could see that being released…in 2025

Yes we need Scarface as a ft dlc…

That is a good question but I would believe he’s more so in the Predator then AVP universe, as for custody battles are concern the company that made him is still profiting off of him if not off his games then definitely his NECA figure and posters. So it’s definitely safe to say that Scarface will have a contract to be used and split profit with Illfonic to be used, maybe even people from the old game could help out Illfonic in his design

Laughs in Zerker stats

I don’t see why it would matter.

They’re both owned by fox/disney

Yes JH and Dutch are disney prince’s

So your just gonna completely forgot what happened to Stoneheart when Scarface was through with him?


Because this is a different game that will nerf him to fit into the game instead of a straight up copy and paste

I would love it if they made this happen!!! @IllFonic @Courier