What the fuck are you guys thinking

Obviously a rant here…

I don’t understand your decision making process Illfonic, because my GOD this game is fucking trash now. Biomask gone in one shot from a guy shot gunning a sniper rifle. 90% health gone in 3 sniper shots. Bow bug. Run bug. Pigs I’ve killed for later simply aren’t there anymore. And then, on my way to a hard fought no biomask win…blue screen 😡😡

I’ve been playing since the beta, and for the life of me I don’t understand why. Stop wiping the FT ass. Stop BREAKING SHIT.


@IllFonic your game is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHIT. FIX IT. Happy Halloween. Scrubs


Sorry for the frustration as you can see some people are here only to fuck with other people… so just ignore those. And yes i don’t know why they don’t take the feedback seriously this game is snowballing and has been snow balling. I’d just give it a long break… even if it hurts

Its 1 shot now huh?

Lol. Ya tbh I dont see how things are
As bad as they are.

Shut up

It’s simply because illfonic doesn’t give a shit

This game is dogshit. They will read this and go “ oh well more harsh criticism. Gotta have thick skin” but like. No. This is not criticism. These are just facts. The game is pure dong meat it’s always had balance issues but what’s way worse is how the game just doesn’t fuggin work in absolutely absurd ways each patch.


Wait…how in the ever living fuck did it become possible to one shot a biomask??

I could be wrong, but I’m nearly positive I hadn’t taken any headshots previously.

Yes yes. Let the hate flow

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Lol. Just speaking truth per usual

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