What weapons would you like to see for FT?

Basically just wondering what additions to the armory you guys would like to see be it outlandish or grounded.
Me personally I’d love for them to add more special weapons maybe a bow or crossbow for total stealth I mean the preddo has one so why not ft!

Also my dream is to have Mike Harrigan (probably as a legacy character like 87’ Dutch) I just want him and his outdated giant laser so bad

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Cybernetic customizations for both sides, I have been asking for months @IllFonic , dew it

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Flame throwers!!!
Let the Fire Team have the ability to set random fires in the jungle to completely mess with the Predator’s thermals as well as give the FT another weapon to use against the Predator and A.I.!

Think about it! You set the Predator on fire and it renders the thermal useless until it goes out!


Lt Harrigan’s pistol


Iconic weapons like:

Desert Eagle.
Uzi 9mm
Rambo’s knife
Thomson machinegun
Beretta 92
Walther P38


Sawed off shotgun

Finger guns

Isabelle airstriking the pred, 1 shot kill with her predator ship and burning the map down at 5 fps

I want even glancing in the direction of smoke to tank performance like the beta’s grenade launcher spam

I’ve said before I’d be fine with harrigan and his special weopon would be his sawed off shotty but a combo with his pistol would be badass.

Also another weopon/ft member can be cuchillo (danny trejo) with his dual scorpion sub machine guns.

Shit even nolan with his predator rifle would be nice

Something like this.

Fireteam radio controlled.

Advantages - A heat seeking smart system that it (similar to Target Isolation) and its shots could track the Predator.

Disadvantages - It can be easily destroyed and the user becomes stationary while in use.



a pistol, a shotgun, and…a thing that throws grenades…duh! and not to mention the sharp metal thing…i think it called a knife. yes! genius!