Who among us is a true fan, and has patience?

Open game.
Get in queue (line in the US)
Wait to see if estimate wait time is correct.
If not, after 15 minutes exit and get in queue again.
If correct, 50% chance of having a full lobby.
If empty, exit and get in queue again.
If half full, wait a bit to see if others join or match begins. If people leave, exit and get in queue again.
If a match begins, wait to see if you get the flying stick figure. If so, exit and get in queue again.
If not, begin the Hunt.
During match, wait and see if melee causes the predator to freeze. If so, exit and get in queue again.
If all goes well, do your best not to get melted by OP fire team.
If you do, just be thankful you got a match in, and get back in queue again.
If not, it’s Christmas time, and all is right with the world.

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1st match today, empty lobby.
2nd match Predator freeze.
Going back in to see if I at least have a 33% chance of getting a game in.
But I’m not bitter, and that’s what counts. 😜

Everyone is waiting for the hotfix

I haven’t played online since viking came out due to the bugs and crashing

I haven’t experienced it myself but I don’t play to support the ones who are running into that


I tried a match to get some practice in , warming up for Thor’s Day.

  • Got into a match
  • Spot Recon with Spotting using the scoreboard
  • Tried going all ranged at first
  • 6 minutes in say fucking it and go in with Elder Sword
  • Get 2 swings in before blue screen
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This evening:
2 matches with approximately an 8 minute wait for each, both ended in melee crashes.
2 estimated wait times of approximately 7 minutes each, waited 15 for each before canceling.

I’m just torturing myself.
@IllFonic I’m really hoping there will be compensation for lost time and lost Veritanium. But honestly I would just like to play the game. I know you’re up to your eyeballs in tagged posts and complaints, but there is a reason behind most of them.

From 4 pm to 6 pm I haven’t been able to complete a match.

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Next match estimation 6 minutes. Waited 14 and closed the game for the evening.

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Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results

This game is an expression of how big a glutton for punishment we are. We are borderline Stockholm Syndrome here, having been abused over and over by a broken game but we keep coming back over and over hoping it will get better but eventually we just accept it won’t yet we still cling on hopefully like an abused wife thinking it’ll change.


You went from happy and optimistic to devastated and walked away in 12hrs. I admire your dedication, I can’t even bring myself to load up the game anymore. When I do, I stare at the menu screen and change my loadouts for hours, then maybe play a Fireteam match which makes me feel like shit because of how easily we won and imagining how defeated and let down the Predator player feels…

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True words spoken @VENN7eance

you guys are fixing to get another thread Locked LOL

I haven’t slandered anyone. I’ve posted a history of my experiences today.

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its just a joke man thats why I put LOL at the end but I already tried to tell everyone you wont get anywhere with illfonic complaining everyday keep it civil your doing a great job keeping it civil man these guys wanna hear whats going on just not getting bashed everyday

Lol they heard what was going on for 5 and half months. When can we start bashing them? There poor business plan is horrible. I know dam well no other gaming company will hire any of these devs

Are you speaking from expeirence? Do you know what it takes to make a game? Have you made a Game? These are all things to check off before publically saying things like this anyone can say what your saying but unless your speaking from expeirence you have no ground to stand on other than thats just your opinion man LOL

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I know what it takes to code. Made many of mods in highschool. Its not hard. I find it funny how you get 400 subs over a shit game and you think you are top shit. What you going to do after this game dies and non of your subs like any of your other content?

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Now your attacking me because Im questioning your invalid response LOL Good Fight

Nah im attacking you cause you have suckled on Illfonic for long enough.

If Illfonic cant answer simple question without snarky remarks like in there last stream they are scum and deserve hate cause thats all they care about

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well it keeps you on here spewing the Hate right back so tell me what are we really accomplishing? and suckled LOL dont get mad becuase im trying to tell you guys how to go about this you think your getting anywhere with what your doing if so why have you not got there yet? these are all things to question you can get mad and you can hate in the end your the one who has to swallow it and deal with it so if this makes you feel better and makes you happy lets keep going

This was so hard to read I couldn’t even finish it. The thoughts are all over the place. I can see why you are a yt.

okay well we can agree to disagree I get peoples frustrations but theres a certain way to go about things your going about it all wrong im just trying to help I hate seeing people be miserable over somthing thats suppose to give you joy my suggestion would be to take a break and find somthing that makes you happy and then come back to this with a clear head thats the best advice I can give you man