00 Lobby Bug [Video]

Made another Video about another Lobby Bug.
Very common right now with Crossplay lobbies.
Players who joined with other Callsigns suddenly get E and F Callsign, then some Players disappear.
The Mission Countdown runs to 00 and nothing happens until we get the timeout.


Been happening since Wolf update

I promise u more then half of every lobby i enter now days are bugged in 1 way or the other… Its sickening

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Sad to hear that it’s the same for you. I thought that problem was more PC-related.

No, I’ve been getting it a lot lately on console too. I’ll load into prematch and either the pred is bugged, a FT is bugged, or both are bugged. And with fluctuating wait times, especially on Pred, its very frustrating.

3 matches in a row today … I’ve had a black screen in the lobby and was forced to leave the match

I got twice today the one that I don’t appear as having “A”, “B”… on the lobby, then when the countdown is ending I get a black screen which kicks me back to the main menu saying connection to host lost.

Not in the slightest actually. I play with alot of ps4-ps5 players and basically everyone have this issue. It has gotten worse the later months and is at a point now were we basically dont play anymore except a game here or there casually. Its just too broken. Every game is either broken lobby, infinite connection or other connectivity problem, bots or 1-15% pred. Private matches is the only thing to do now basically. That works flawless most of the timed on ps