100% invisible

Blgl3bowski(PS player). This guy was 100% invisible, running between us, killing us with wrist blades(i thing it was that sound) and collecting trophy. I could see just glowing eyes. It was a bug or very stupid cheater, i was lucky and give him 1k dmg, ran away and AI finished him. So he was for us 100% invisible and AI could see him…

It’s a bug.
This is what happens when illfonic is in charge


i though this bug was fixed at last 3 months ago. Anyway, what a shame, he is invisible and still get killed

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Blue screen has entered the chat

Yeah illfonic will make you think stuff is fixed but in reality it’s still there


What the fuck Illfonic, what kind of shit is this?

Y’all need to fix this asap. This is a huge game-breaking bug, how are you supposed to beat a good predator that’s completely invisible?

Oh, so this is still happening. Cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt no doubt