16 year hotel career. AMA.

You see a lot of interesting shit working in hotels. If anyone is interested in a career in hotels, ask me. I’m a guy who loves his industry.



Hows the business these days? With covid happening and all it must have completely fizzled. Asides from Hotel quarantine designations. I suppose some of the business is being subsidized by the government?

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It’s slowly started rebounding. 2020 was originally on-track to be a record year for global occupancy, and it fell to the single digits (7% of all hotel rooms worldwide were occupied) typically for a year it will be within the 64-66% range. It will normally stay in that range unless there is a crisis. For example 9/11, the Great Recession, etc.

Markets are having vastly different experiences navigating the post-COVID-19 world. Even hotels one zip code away are having vastly different experiences, such as a clientele with less disposable income, guests likely to trash their room, lots of parties with drugs and guns, sometimes violence, etc.

The government still does that in hotel markets near hospitals and in areas with high infection rates. The hotels in my company’s portfolio that are near hospitals are some of the best-performing in terms of average daily rate (ADR), RevPAR (revenue per available room) and occupancy.

Beach hotels are rolling in the money, though. Demand has gone way up for them, but you get a lot of very challenging clientele.

Good question, let me know if you want to know more.

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They are being punished legally for whatever they 've done right? At least for compensation?
but i guess the point is there are these scenerios alot more thisyear.

good insight though brother!

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How many little dip shit sports teams caused you grief over the years???

Ps… sorry xD

Pss. Glad to see you round these parts again!

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Can I get more TP please?


Yes, you may!

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Plenty. But all in all, kids teams are easy. The problem is the parents and the solution is the parents.

It’s difficult for one parent to take control of the entire group so they rely on the hotel to do that for them. The funniest thing is that I always address everyone the same way, so it could be a 9 year-old doing cartwheels in the hallways and bumping into the walls and I’m there like “Ma’am, please stop doing cartwheels and somersaults, this is not an appropriate floor for that and you can get hurt.” Then I make them pinky promise me they won’t make any more noise. It’s the only time I get to pinky promise throughout my life.

Another personal favorite is to ask each kid which dinosaur is their favorite and then accuse them of making as much noise as that dinosaur. Or I’ll make them promise to tip-toe, like a cartoon character would, and then whenever they pass me in the halls they tip-toe and I’ll start tip-toeing and their parents laugh but are also like 🤷🏼.

I’ve never had to throw a dipshit sports team out, though. I’ve thrown out Frats, before, the groom of an in-house wedding (on site and with a room block), and countless other guests but never a kids team. I’ve hosted university teams and never had an issue.

Kids are easy to deal with.


Generally, yeah.

I’ve never spoken to more FBI Agents and criminal investigators before in my life.

No shit.

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Cute keed stories

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Well if it is an ask you anything, I must ask…


I haven’t.

But, assuming some things about the story - is it possible to learn this power?

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Not from a Jedi ;)

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I’m a barber and the kids and their antics are some of my favorite stories to tell


Kids legit make things so much better.

I’m not a father, I’ve always wanted to be, but I HAVE been Santa Claus 4 years in a row and THAT, my friend, is a f&$kin’ HOOT.

Kids are absolutely hilarious when they’re trying to impress Santa Claus.

Isn’t there this perception that someone else’s keeds could be fun cause its only temporary exposure, while your own keeds could be a lot of work?

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How many dead people have you had removed?


How much for…
The special room?

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A lot.

I have encountered at least 4 dead people, but I feel like I’m forgetting one.