1v1 Duels

Think you can beat The Stoagie? Any match-ups are welcome.

(Each vid under 2min)

Part Two

Part Three

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WTH! How did you get that end kill video!? Also you were the predator?

I was the FT member. He got me in the end :)

Hey how can u send videos?? I want to show my 1v1 but I don’t know how to lol

Do you have youtube? I personally think that’s the easiest way. Just upload it to youtube, dont have to edit it if you dont want, but youtube has a inbuilt editor that does the trick.

Oh alright man thx

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You on ps4 or pc?


Lol you know what’s funny? I knife fought soloed a pred the other day on one of the roof tops on derailed.
He wasnt good, but it was still pretty fun, since I’m not the best at parrying xD.

But vs a good pred that wouldnt work at all lol.
If you werent on pc, or if there was cross invites I’d 1v1 you.


They don’t allow cross play?? What??

No they havent worked out the invite system lol.
I’m not too worried about it, but a lot of ppl have been complaining about it since launch.

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I asked cause you can record stuff then edit it in share factory. That’s what I use, then upload it to youtube.