2 New Taunts For Predator I Think Would Be Cool To Have In Game

Want some candy and the roar are the only taunt in game that i like the other ones dont exist to me i think these taunts would be cool to be in game i can really only think of 2 but you cun- im mean nice people in forums can suggest more i think the FT have good voice lines already so the two that i think that @IllFonic can add 1. The predator saying shit happens from predator 2 idk why but every time i rewatch pred 2 and pass that scene i cant help but laugh the other taunt i would like i think would have some legal issues because idk if this originated in a movie ot not because i have terrible memory but i only remember it fro MKX aka mortal kombat x from the predator dlc at the end of each round if the predator wins he makes this creepy ass laugh im honestly not sure where it came from im starting to think its from avp 3 but in still not sure non the less here is a link for it if you dont no what im talking about https://www.google.com/search?q=predator+laughing+voice&oq=predator+laughing+voice&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.6857j1j4&client=ms-android-boost-us-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:d7bd1eff,vid:OVZOETA7i8M,st:0. Well i think that about covers it please let me know what new taunts you would like for predator i dont see people talk about this enough and i hate how i really ever use 2 of them the roar and want some candy i fell like we should also be able to have a customization option so we can choose what taunt we want to use

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“Danny Boy” - This probably requires Danny Boy character in the game, idk.
“Shit happens” - Pred 2.
"Motherfuck€r - (You are one ugly _____ from Pred 87).
“Overhere, Turn around” - but with original voice/taunt
“Laugh” - Billy’s laugh from Pred 87
“Anytime” - original taunt from Pred 1987

This should be the taunts of the game.


We need you’re one ugly motherfucker