2 Predators Mode?

Sometimes with smite you see people so retarded that not even being new is an excuse.
You get a lot of ppl tho which bitch tho even tho they fkd up.

It’s a buncha different things.

Dead by daylight tho is a shitty game what people could possibly complain about there is beyond me.
Like the killers suck so idk what anyone could have a problem with.

No idea who’s worse.
I think it’s all the same when its mobas tbh.

Theres very rare matches where I get a decent team who can do their role and are actually willing to work together.

Aside from that its bullshit one way or another.

i know league in seasons 2018-2019 was worse cause the meta at the time every single player hated you could also gain more MMR by throwing games than you could losing them straight up due to the report system failing at the time cause as long as one person quit you and your team was guarentee’d to only lose half the normal amount of MMR wheras the quitter lost the normal amount so you were encouraged if you were losing to start fucking over your teamates to get them to quit

this would even fuck over the enemy team by getting them to gain less MMR cause someone on the opposite team quit

the only thing the quitter had to deal with was 2hours of not being able to que and if he quits too many times in a row 48 hour ban

now i know at the end of 2019 Riot revamped their report system to get rid of this problem but it WAS HELL AT THE TIME

but looking back it was very funny also

I never played it by myself

PHG is starting to feel like you need a team

This sounds like a huge oversight on the devs.
Smite more of a problem because of people not realizing theres more than one way to play.

Theres different stats.
Pain in the ass.

The main problem from the devs side on smite is the god awful horrible balance.
If things where still balanced I’d probably play rank, tho now I see no point.

Itd be like a rank mode added in now to this game. With this shitty balance theres be no point for pred players tbh lol.

yeah as predators get better at dealing with FT bullshit solo que will be less effective i’ve only found 2 real builds that work in solo que FT
OLWF op Spotter/sniper
sniper rifle of your choice or the GOSLR/hammerhead
2nd doesn’t matter but the recon GL is a good choice for synergies
field syrretes Anti cloak grenades regular grenades or med bags and thermal decoys or UAV and anything else listed here
thick skin/Ice cold and OWLF take ICE if your going spotter take thick if your going sniper
ICE + spotter means your literally immune to thermal vision as operative this means the predator can’t easily shoot you from far distances as he can’t switch thermal on/off to see you from farther away accurately


Dante field medic/fanatic: were gonna go for the build that gives you 355 hp (not joking)
field syrette med bags
OWLF thick skin body armor
guns should be a sniper rifle + any fast firing 2ndary weapon like the first SMG or the 2nd pistol
whenever you sprint you gain damage reduction remember that whenever you use the syrrete it gives you a fast regen of 100hp without that regen you have 255 hp when your sprinting literally just run as often as you can if your not shooting
it takes literally 2 full combos with the alpha sickle to kill you as a berzerker with fearless which is the fastest DPS available to the predator

you could say typical assault deadly would also work but mostly only against predators that love melee

You have options.
As khi said earlier, you can join the Melon men.
Good crew tbh lol.

I’m sure they are

I did play with onion once randomly

Kinda want to start my own thing tho

Or at least make an effort to do so

February 23 can’t come soon enough

Hell I dont even play dead by daylight i just seen a ton of stuff on it lol. I kinda wanted to buy it but in its moments of 2020 it wasnt in a good state atm not bad either but also not good. I didnt say the predator cant be the good guy they have always been labeled as the villain even by the company themselves. It’s not until 2018 movie that we actually had one to trying to help us. I play a friendly predator in game anyway, I give them a choice and tell them “do you want a calmer game and me help you or just play as normal?”

But essentially they have similarities but entire diffrent gameplay

In other words, no, not happening. Even though people obviously want that. They can’t talk about what they’re working on cuz they know its probably disappointing and not very interesting. Think more fireteam v fireteam. Maybe capture the flag lol

@IllFonic “we can’t announce anything yet”

All of the predator hunting grounds community:


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Aside from the complete script rewrite halfway through the movie, did everyone just forget fugitive set all his gear down by a tree and started skinning people as soon as he crash landed?

Predators is what a “friendly” predator should be.

I cant fully remember but i know he went out of his way to become a rouge preadator, to give us one of his colony’s best weapon. The predator hunter suit

If that was the case he would’ve just dropped that thing on the white house. He was just vibing killing people on earth for no reason at all right up until his location was broadcasted on the Predator Discord and the terminator found him.


Ok so hows that friendly though? How do you know he didn’t want the mech suit for himself? How did anyone in that movie know anything aside from reading the script lol

Better then most, he still did what he wanted before he died movie was like 3 years ago I dont fully remember it. I’m wanting to see what the next movie will do with it lol

LeatherFace is fun honestly it’s just to play the licensed.