2v6 mode is here

That makes sense. Though i think it’s much more difficult for FT because you have to worry about two press. Pred had to tackle 4 FTs normally do 2 more are not a big deal

Well you are thinking of it from the base game we were given. Just because 4v1 is the standard doesn’t mean 4v1 was balanced. By all means 3 Good FT members can get it done alone. And if the predator is not top tier, 2 FT members can get it done. If the 6 FT members stick together, have a scout or two to run down wounded predators, and the rest Dutch/Assault/Support, there DPS as a team will be very insane. Like talking dead in a literal second insane haha

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I’ve played the mode like 5-10 times now and have yet to see the 6 FT members actually make a real plan or stick together, and the predators have died the vast majority of those games. Once the team is actually coordinated, the power will shift

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Most likely. Would be interesting to see this setup in a tournament

Well keep your eyes peeled 👀 we’ve been discussing it


Holy shit, this is based and blessed AF.
Leave it to the true fans to create a game mode fun and true to the story.
Props man.
@IllFonic should take notes the gameplay to me feel like I’m stuck in 2011…DukeNukemForever


Man I have had little to no luck actually pulling anyone to do this, or anyone I present it to, just gloss over it.

We tried dude… lol

@DisturbedLlama again this was such a sick idea and it was fun bringing it to life with you :) ❤

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It is a big commitment for a tourney. Need a team of 6 people. Hopefully people will come around with time. Thanks for trying

Actually for a tournament all we need is 8 people, and the tournament would be between just the predator teams, to see who has the best team of two. So we could still try that


That’s a good idea

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How will that work with the friendly fire situation? I doubt they are going to adjust it anytime soon or even at all

Basically you just can’t use the bow and the wrist launcher. Lol

Ah I thought it was more than that 😁 not so bad then , I try to read between so many posts sometimes

Well the combi won’t throw damage teammates but you can melee them. So there’s only a few issues

What about the smart disc throw damage?

It works! We tested it

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lol is there a reason why smart disc has friendly fire damage in clash?

Only if you activate friendly fire lol it’s notable cause other ranged weapons like the bow combi throw and wrist rocket, do not

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When we do the tournament you gotta play bro

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I’m assuming the net doesn’t work as well. Does plasmacaster still do damage?