3v8 Mode: Cinematic Hopes/Wishes

Since this just came to my mind I need to share it with you.

As well as wanting to hear what cinematic you would like to see for the 3v8.

Imagine the following for …

  • Predator:
    Zooming out of the map and in to your Yautja standing in the spawn point as the two other jump in while yours is looking at them. After a short nod from all they roar simultaneously and the match begins.

  • Fireteam:
    Both choppers fly into view and inside both teams get to know that they will be accompanied by another team. When they land the two Alpha (First Players) will shake hands and the match begins.

God, this would be so sweet it Illfonic could make this work. πŸ’™

Now it’s your turn let me know if you could imagine the above sceneries and let me know your own.