"4 UFOs shot down in 9 days"

Vaccines are neither here nor there. Bit sus that they tried to force people into getting them for a little while, but that flopped cos we couldn’t go anywhere anyway. Imo, vaccines are useful only if the disease they counter is exotic and deadly, like ebola or the black plague. But I sure as hell don’t see why we should get a vaccine for something like mumps or chickenpox (or even covid, which will prolly only kill you if you’re gonna die in a few years anyway) cos you’re gonna survive if you’re healthy anyway, and you don’t have to get a dozen fucking ‘booster shots’. But yeah, I think if they were using vaccines to cull people we’d have started dying en masse already. They definitely don’t have the technology to make ‘nanobots’ or any of that shit, hell apparently china’s doing better technologically than we all are, so if it is cull juice in the vaccines it’s either an incredibly insidious virus that builds up in one’s system, then can be activated with some outside stimulus, or nothing.

Bro , people are dropping like flies from them . Its so bad in Scotland they are “mystified” and investigating why teens are dropping from heart attacks . They have no idea whats causing it though 🤔 if only there was something new introduced into their bodies that could give them a clue…if only 🤨

Look up the documentary suddenly and unexpected. Fit athletes all ages are dropping with heart failure. Look up whats all came out about the lies and collusion with big tech to promote and suppress information. Trust me, its 100% already started and its 100% 💉 related.

These are undeniable facts , not my opinion, facts.

I feel like there would have been some sort of media outcry about this, idk I haven’t checked the news in a while… I think I would’ve heard about it before now, especially if it had anything to do with athletes (you know how crazy people get about sports) cos either I would’ve seen some right-wing news outlet crying about it, or some left-wing news outlet defending it. I’ll look it up, for sure, but a couple of athletes is hardly ‘en masse’ and either way, I’m fine.

Trust me mate , big tech are being called to supreme court over collusion to suppress this . Its everywhere if you look . I didn’t just pull that out of my ass , I have been reading it since they roll the things out

Correct me if I’m wrong but UFOs don’t always refer to aliens right? Like an unidentified flying object could mean anything

Idk how big tech is involved in vaccines, would’ve thought it’s big pharma but there’s a whole hell of a lot else wrong with the silicone valley companies and it’s way worse than toxic vaccines.

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I think if it was an flying object of ET origins or a new terrestrial flying object, they would shoot it down but would try to capture it undamaged or at least trail it if it was a speedy object. Because they shot it down, they knew exactly what it was and how to secure the cargo.

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Yea and to be honest if it was a real one i don’t even know if we would be able to bring it down

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Yeah, unless it’s a big brain move where aliens disguise their spy drones to look like Chinese weather balloons. Lol. But then china would not be so upset about it, unless, they think it’s one of their own but it’s really an alien one.

I would stare it down 🤨

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Chinese non fungable tokens will steal your sole and identity. Nuke them all to hell!
And that Mark Zubergood too.

James Cameron cannot reveal the truth yet. But rest assured, your deaths will be quick and painless. Unless James Cameron has miscalculated, then there will be indescribable pain.

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Mainstream media is all owned by the same dozen CEOs at their big gay wine party where they talk about how to influence public opinion. Controlled opposition on both sides.

Anyone trying to get a crazy story out that breaks the mold ends up black mailed to death (hey man nice shot!), Assange’d, Snowden’d, or an unfortunately untimely suicide to the back of the head. Ultimately all these sacrifices proved was the value of quantity over quality because MSM can just slide important news with vapid bs and everyone will memory hole it faster than occupywallstreet.