"4 UFOs shot down in 9 days"

Whats your opinions on the 4 alleged ufos shot down over the US and Canada?

They weren’t UFOs, dumbass

They were Chinese spy balloons

Hey dumbfuck in case you can’t read ill help you… when you see " " it means its a quote meaning someone else’s word. All you did was prove you are the dumbass. NEEEEXXXXXT


My god read a fucking book, its obviously chinese aliens.


Its not UFOs, it’s CFOs - Chinese flying objects

It was China spy balloons 🎈 i used to think aliens were real , but now i don’t. The fact the government denied it to then 180 and admit it just makes me more skeptical 😄

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We know at least 1 forsure is a Chinese spy balloon but they have yet to show what the others were…not saying its aliens but interesting how they were quick to show the balloon and are not showing anything on the others.

The shapes of the others were said to be octagonal and a cylinder type object. Could be drones possibly. Think its funny how they are tacking on “ufo and tic tac” to the coverage.

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Very keen of you. Literally was talkin to my girl and said that exact thing. Who ever has seen my post on the dulce base and seen my opinion on that can prolly see where im at on this. Just curious where ppls heads are at on this

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Where? Totally not asking cos I’m getting bored of the aliens in my basement and need some new ones to fuck…


He meant extraterrestrials mate , not illegals


Its not a coincidence that these balloons have been reported over many states , only one is a spy drone but the others are space ships 😄 i think they shot another down .

It makes you wonder if all the sightings over the years around the world were actually governments monitoring. Some people have always said the sightings were government crafts.

What kinda aliens do you have Asians or middle eastern? Lol


You know the funny thing is that the moniker is being conflated with the Chinese balloon so it makes me winder what would be the purpose of blurring the lines? I’ve seen something before that wasn’t a balloon coulda been a drone but for the size and the speed it was moving i doubt it, also there was no sound and after the belgium sighting of a black triangle with lights was reported suddenly Everybodies triangle sigjtings have lights, the one i saw with 3 other had no lights.

I say that to say u know there’s something flying around that’s not balloons but what would be the motive to conflate both balloons and “ufos”


Surveillance on another country and I really think these clowns don’t know what other governing bodies actually have. Could china have crafts that other countries don’t know about? Russia? Fuck knows.

A cover to mask our own government spying on us? Maybe they want to cull the herd?

We do know that various military officials knew months in advance that Russia and Ukraine were going to go at it . Also they have said by 2025 people will be at war with China and then these balloons appear? Its fucking strange.

I remember reading a book a few years back that officials made claims on n@zi’s having planes you would describe as ufos , people claimed to see them after Germany were defeated . Its like these people that claim to have seen bigfoot several times 😄 , some will make claims to feel part of the group while some maybe really did see something . I have no clue.

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Great points and id say shit any can be the case but the fact that they do this kinda shit all the time meaning the set up to have us back thier play, and ppl haven’t cought on to it or wised up to it is frustrating.

To your last point yea and thise who make ahit up to feel part of the crowd do more samage than help cus then ppl think all of the others are bs too. When I had the sighting it was my sister 2 of my childhood friends and me and i remember all of us as soon as we got to where we were going all semi jokingly said that we can’t tell anyone cus they won’t believe us and now we know how ppl feel who say they had an experience and refuse to tell cus of ridicule and ppl attempting to tell them what happened.

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So did I

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Xenomorphs and a couple of sangheili, maybe an asari or two


They have already started with their 💉