4FT Vs 3 Super Preds

So the idea here is that 3 predators spawn in as Super Predators, the game changer would have to be the following

  1. Each fire team member gets to spawn in unique independant locations of their own choosing from the available locations and finish the mission with the advantage of being ‘closer’ to objectives.

  2. Super Predators are uniquely challenged and a real ‘back to basics’ loadout. ie. each are either
    a. limited to melee -no plasma or gears
    b. limited to plasma cannon. - no melee or gears
    c. limited to being the only one with cloaking capabilities.- all gear available but NO Melee or Plasma Caster-- plus you’ll be the only pred having a bow!

To do all this, the SuperPred class would have to be highly dynamic, meaning you might only have to be able to customize your look of your pred and have primary and gears be chosen for you. i think it would be interesting as a class where you ONLY get to chose the class but not the weapons as this would be dynamically given in this game mode.

–that said, Energy usage would need to be extreme- that is one shot from plasma drains 50% each shot. Melee would have to drain stamina as well leaving a predator to be at light run mode rather than at sprinting. Cloaking would leave you drained as well from using sprinting or even leaping or tree advantage.

The feat with these predators would be limited and because this would be a new 4v3 gamemode rather than a public match up, would require one to have a superpredator loadout available- match making would require this.

Do you all think this balance would suffice?

There by I don’t think the purpose of the 3 preds would be to subdue them but to finish the objectives and get maybe 4x the rewards of V…and Xp. and Bragging rights.


It is interesting to limit the preds. It all depends, if preds fight as solo it might be manageable, but if they team up, FT is toast. I think for randoms, a single FT would have to be able to stand up to a pred so maybe preds would need to be gimped even more.

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In a coordinated trio it would be unbalanced. One could focus on plasma while the other drops traps and the other goes melee.

as the game stands right now, damage is too high on both sides, but 3 preds would have way too much advantage, in a coordinated team. as randoms is going to be like every other pub


Ive got that covered.

It almost sounds a bit like DBD as some time f the FTs would be used as distractions. I don’t think obj is a good way to go since pred players would learn them and know exactly where to go. If the map was big enough, you could play hide and seek a bit, though they might be boring. Target iso would probably need to go.

Standard objs have to be replaced by something else.

Well, i think IN THEORY, what I wrote so far with a gameplay testing, i think would need to be tweaked but I think we have something worthy. Of course the game would require a substantial amount of matchmaking time to get your 3 Super preds to be in lobby.

But the nerfs to predators in the trio is ball-breaking enough.

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I’m all for it. Really want to see something new

I always pictured multiple pred mode like this. It wouldn’t work any other way. Otherwise it would be way too OP .

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First off, they’re super predators, so they don’t abide by code meaning all of them can use whatever is necessary tactics or gear to win, second, off, the only class worth plasma only is elder, and his movement speed sucks


Chuck is right. The super predators were bad bloods, which a criminals in predator society since they don’t care about the Honor Code.

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For the sake of this game, lets try not to think canon will make the clan OP beyond belief because canon rules. Because its obvious, they soiled your underwear and you all want them OP as fuck.

I would be fine if we just get a mode were a team of Preds (friends) can hunt a Fireteam, though maybe not with complicated rules.

It’s a good idea. My only concern would be the separate spawning for Fireteam. Like, what’s to stop the Predators from killing them off one by one? But I like the idea of a 4v3, it just needs to be balanced in some way.