5/2/21 and 5/9/21 Suggested Sunday Skip.

With a regretful heart.

My team is threatening me to take a break.
Jokes aside.
I’ve been under some daily pressure that’s effecting my health.
Hopefully I can get back to what I love sooner then this.
I wish you all good health and good hunting. (If you still play)

For those that have Rewards:


I will be able to observe anything you send.
But I’m not allowed to “work”, till my breaks up.
Sorry brothers.

@Amodeu5_M0zar1 will be in my place if you need anything.



Enjoy yourself for a bit then. You’ve more than earned it and there’s definitely no worries on my end lol. I procrastinated, you’ve every right to so the same 😁


Even Pies need breaks sometimes and this is definitely one of those times. I don’t want to see you drawing a single scale ya hear!

And don’t worry guys We’ll let the bean get back to work, after they’ve gotten some well-deserved TLC.


Get better man

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Hope you feel better. Your art rocks.

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Your health is important, and you deserve a break

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You better take the time off! We need you to be at full strength! Take the days and enjoy the time off

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An important step in the Journey of a craftsman, a woodsman takes the day off to sharpen his ax, the painter to clean his brushes and prepare his pallets. You can’t pour from an empty cup so take as much time as you need and when you’re ready come back because we’ll all be waiting for your amazing content.

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@ everyone.

Thanks for the support guys!