5v5v3 Game mode?

Probably been said before, but I think a game mode with 5 Stargazer ops, vs 5 Zeus ops, vs a 3 Pred hunting team.

You’ve got Stargazer trying to hold an objective, Zeus (current FT) trying to take it, or vice versa. And 3 Preds just out for a hunt.
When you quickplay no preference your dropped in this game mode.

Sounds like fun to me

3 preds is too many. If the 3 of them attack one of the 5 man teams together then they will always win unless they are terrible. James Cameron would definitely play this if it were 2 preds though.


The way I see this working is 3v12. Essentially it would be like 3 separate hunts going on simultaneously that then converge in the end game for a final battle between the surviving players. It would take some tweaking some it’s totally possible.


It would work if the preds also were opposing clans


I think it can work if theirs some encouragement for the Pred players to compete.

Maybe make more clicking noises while near each other or cloaking interference to discourage them being together.

Probably would work easier with only two Predators.

Okay. Liking the brain storming.

Kills only count for long claim. Most kills wins for Predator.

Now we’re talking!

I just can’t wait for main FT starting bitching on forums to nerf FT quz they are to op XDDDDD

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You can’t tell me you aren’t curious how it will play out when we have human vs human or Pred vs Pred.
If the damage values and health levels, are to a similar balance to Pred vs FT.


Oh I’m more than curious! I’m a pred main at the moment, and the minut we will have a Pred vs Pred mode I will be the first one to shout NERF PRED! XDDDDDDDDDDD

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Glad you realize it might be a both ways kinda thing.

PS. I’m so jealous of the devs ability to just set a match however they want and test it.

“Wait… guys, I just loaded in as a Recon with no perks… but I’m the Pred this match… wtf?”

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Yes but 3 opposing preds and 2 opposing fireteams could just be a mess. James Cameron would still give it a try though. In fact I may run it in the Cameron edition of the game to try it today.

But only as Predcameronalien

This will be in the next update to the Cameron edition of the game.