60K in 4 weeks?!


Let me know if it’s true

You gonna get nigerian email scammed boi XD


Lol no I actually work for the company but I get affiliate pay


Oh wait I forgot I need a email address first, I’m still new at this 😅

But this guy is my inspiration

hmmmmmm… Be careful. I don’t want anyone to get scammed, not even a catholic XD


Aw! man thank you! Oh now I’m investing in the “idea” of digital real estate, I’m hoping one of these help me make a passive income, so far only the freedom challenge breakthrough ask for money, it was free for a time but he’s charging people now but when you do his modules, some only unlock if you copy paste his links but go through his link to get those sources which cost money! Ugh so I’m hoping digital real estate works

very strange offer, who can offer you to earn so much? if he can do it himself. So they need some benefit from you. It’s either your time or your money