87 free to all

Everyone that didnt pre-order loves to complain about not getting the JH.

I have the best solution Give all the players the Jh but the players who pre-ordered the game now get all the Wolf, Scar, and PredAlien



@Slasher_Clone I didnt start it but i did wait the allotted time


I’m on board.

Predalien was my fav xeno tbh…

The fact folks are going to hold onto JH till this games demise, instead of insisting on ways the game can be better promoted, is doing ILLFONIC a diservice.

Give them JH to make everyone happy and REWARD the people keeping this game alive since day one.


Oh yeah. Give him a special move set like he can pounce off trees and drag ft players and head pop them and release face huggers


Love it.

Would really spice the game up.

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But sadly I have to cut it out because this debate seems to split the community

I can support this idea but if Xenomorphs aren’t included you can forget about it.

JH free to all when AVP expansion drops

Those who pre ordered get exclusive… Armor sets


A predalien would be an essential part of gameplay so it couldn’t be exclusive

Maybe one of the AVP Preds is exclusive to those who pre-ordered. I’d say wolf.

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Go buy it

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Unrealistic. I think 87 should be free to all players at a certain level, eventually, but SCAR, Wolf, and Predalien are far too iconic in the Predator mythos to not be made available to everyone. And the Predalien isn’t even a Predator so it’s definitely off the table, possibly indefinitely.

Wolf, Scar, and Chopper should just be DLC but perhaps a very unique cosmetic can be gifted to those who have pre-ordered the game. Maybe people who pre-ordered can have the choice of one of them for free.

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Why would you necro this

What do you mean by necro?

this shit again. no jh it’s not for everyone … it’s for those who bought the pre-order game. point, there is no more to talk. If they give it to all of them, give me back the money. I bought it for exclusivity, if not I had not bought this game in pre-order, I would have waited to see the reviews and I would never have bought it. you cannot modify a purchased contract

Bring up an old thread, without adding anything of significance.

87 is exclusive to those who preorder.
Also AVP is part of the canon, no telling what they will pull from it.

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I’m not doing it with malice or deliberately if that’s what you mean. I just saw it and decided to respond. I’m not trying to like harass anyone or be contrary for no reason. I’m sorry if I personally offended you by responding??? Lol

I think 87 is too iconic to remain totally unavailable to the public forever, just my opinion. I pre-ordered and I love it but I’m not totally sold on the idea of it being a permanent pre-order exclusive. Not the end of the world if it doesn’t become free, however.

I seriously doubt AVP is part of the canon. It breaks both the Predator continuity AND the Alien continuity. As well, just because the property is canon does not mean it would be appropriate to add the Predalien as a playable hunter. There are humans that are a part of the AVP series. Bringing them in as hunters would be just as appropriate. The Predalien is a xenomorph with Yautja characteristics. Playing as a xenomorph in a Predator versus Soldiers game would be inappropriate. Predators versus Predalien is the most likely, but still not likely because it’s too…well…Alien.

AVP is its own canon, that draws from Predator canon and Alien canon. All three are separate canons and do not overlap.

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