A boost for the fireteam

I have 2 main things I would like to change for the fireteam. First I would like you to make predators unable to see the location of the reinforcement spawn, with that isolation scan and motion detectors, I don’t see why they should be able to know when and where I’m trying to call in reinforcements. Second, I would like you to give fireteams a progressive bonus to predator damage and resistance for each team member. As we know, the fewer team members alive to take on the predator, the harder they are to kill. Make them work for each additional kill.

None of this is necessary to be honest.

Actually that second idea is good

Now obviously the game is heavily fireteam sided but let’s say we both added and balanced around this

This would help promote better pacing by encouraging the predator to spread the damage and snipe everyone at once.

Couple this with straight up removing reinforcements and the games pacing would be much better since you’ve effectively removed all downtime spent being dead.

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You want to make FT more tanky? Fuck 🤦‍♂️


I’m not surprised eshtion agreed or bad are you to need this

The only good thing here is getting rid of reinforcements lol.

just play with the right weapons/classes, good people, and youll be fine